BREAKING NEWS: 10 More Deads From The Suicide Attack In The Subway In Brussels

To further keep our readers abreast with the breaking news in the explosions at the International Airport in Zaventen in Brussels, Belgium, and another attack in the subway in the heart of the city.

The Belgian minister of internal Affairs has informed that the explosion that rocked the underground train or subway in the Maelbeek in the heart of the city took 10 victims.

According to the minister, the explosion in the underground was a suicide bomber, who blew himself up. 10 died from that suicide attack in the subway in Maelbeek.

All subway or metro have been grounded and the area cordoned to keep people away from the possibility of further explosions. Also to help the authourities and security forces to comb the area for evidence.

In the subway map below you could see where Maelbeek subway station is. it is right at the heart of the city, and where the European Union administrative buildings are situated.


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