Agatu Massacre In Video By ICC


This is the video of what took place in Agatu as it was filmed by the International Christian Concern ICC. They visited Agatu after the initial attack and deployment of the troops in the area before other subsequent attacks.

They watched and saw that the troops did aboslutely nothing to stop the Fulani herdsmen,  as you could hear and see from the video.  The question is what is the security forces doing there if they do not stop those armed Fulani herdsmen from carrying out such heinous crimes against unarmed communities?

Is this an expanionist plan from the top echelons of the ruling government of APC under Buhari?

The question everyone watching this video should ask is why did Buhari’s government order for the shooting of unarmed Biafran protesters and killed many, which the Army now claimed they are investigating? But the same Buhari ordered for the armed Fulani herdsmen not be shot at, though they are armed and killing , raping women and children. Enough said, watch the video and make your own judgement.

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