I was In Agatu But Never Saw Where 300 People Were Buried-IGP Arase

One would say this is the most lousy remark to be made by the highest ranking police officer in the country. Why dispute the figure when you have no figure or official figure of  from your office. It clearly demonstrates the very abscence of the police from the area and the collective laxity on handling that very pugnant  incident.

They made no arrests, and they have no official  figure to dispute the figures from the locals. Again, the lousy attitude of our security officials rearing its ugly heads to the public. Then he dared speak about dealing with cattle rustlers  but made no mention of dealing with cases of Fulani herdsmen killings, rapes and abductions.  What a country, where cattle heads are valued more than human lives. 

By Ameh Comrade Godwin

The Inspector General of Police, Solomon Arase has said that the number of people said to have been killed during the recent clash between the Agatu people of Benue State and their Fulani counterparts was over exaggerated.

It was reported recently that over 300 people, including children and pregnant women were killed by the Fulani herdsmen and 7,000 others were said to have been displaced.

The Fulani herdsmen claimed the battle was said to have started after 10,000 heads of cattle belonging to the Fulanis were reportedly killed.

Addressing Stakeholders during a visit to Minna, the Niger state capital, the Mr. Arase said “I was around, I travelled to Makurdi, I did not see where 300 people were buried.”

“If you kill, you don’t just bury; you must take the corpse to the Police station before you bury, we don’t have that number of people”. He however did not give the official casualty figure.

Arase said the Police High command had completed arrangements to check the incidence of cattle rustling around the country, adding that the Police would next week start what he called
‘Metro patrol’ designed to arrest cattle rustlers.


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3 thoughts on “I was In Agatu But Never Saw Where 300 People Were Buried-IGP Arase

  1. Statistics they say is a bastard.It is what you believe it is;is Socratic.Firstly,where were the 10,000 cattles claimed to have been slaughtered by the Agatu indigenes buried?Let Arase answer this question then perhaps he will be shown where the 300 persons killed were buried.All he has tried to do,is to put a paint of gloss over the incident.The Nigerian media has slipped into Lai Mohammed induced somnolence for fear of being persecuted by the fearsome DSS.Well,the road waits for those who truncate the will of the people in the long run.It shall not fail.

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