Reasons Behind Buhari’s Visit To Meet With Barrack Obama

By The Republican News Reporters

There have been specualtions why President Mohammadu Buhari paid an urgent but abrupt visit to United States after his trip to Saudi Arabia. Some quarters threw up several reasons, ranging from business to state affairs.

But our source close to Aso Rock and in the United States hinted on several issues that warranted such unannounced trip by the president to the United States to meet with President Barrack Obama.

Several reasons were mentioned and we will detail them below. Some of these reasons may never be made public by Media and Publicity Team of the presidency due to its secrecy and embrassing nature.

President Barack Obama meets with Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari (L) in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington July 20, 2015.

High on the list of issues are

1)  The State of the Economy and its effect on USA businesses within the country

It could be recalled that some congressmen in United States have expressed their concerns on how the forex policy of President Mohammadu Buhari is affecting the businesses owned by United States, and her citizens in Nigeria. This also has been ecohed in other countries like UK, which has since reduced or cut down on the size of the airplanes and frequencies of flights in and out of  Nigeria.

While our reporters perused further on these issues other facts emerged. While the United States will not presure Nigeria on  their econmic decisions or polices, they pointed out how that is affecting their interest whithin the shores of Nigeria.

2) Serious human rights violations and surpression of the opposition using security forces and other means by the administration

It is worth mentioning that some petitions have been brought to the attention of President Barrack Obama concerning the human rights issues and disobeying of court orders by agents of Buhari’s government.. There was also call from the opposition party PDP to international community concerning Buhari’s administration’s abusive use of security forces to harras and intimidate their party members.

The use of DSS to arrest and detain arbtrarily their party members in Ekiti state, and other abuse of power by Buhari’s administration. These calls by the oppostion party and those from the human rights activitist groups have been ecohoing around the international circle outside Nigeria.

ICC has recently visited Agatu in Benue state and made serious reports that clearly indicts the government of President Mohammadu Buhari on their lack of resolve to solve the problem of persecution of Christians in and around the country. Also, the Fulani herdsmen militia has been reported by the United States as the fourth most dangerous terrorist group in the world.

They also said that enough is not being done to help alleviate the problems of displaced children, women and the elderly in Agatu. The silence of the government, and the security forces in Agatu was echoed by ICC when they visited there last week. Some of the their delegates came from United States, and have reported to some high level congressmen and politicians within United States. It is also reported that the report has reached  US. president, who expressed some grave concern.

3) The Biafra issue and the use of unnecessary force by security forces on unarmed protesters

It could be recalled that the United States Embassy and its representatives have had a meeting with  IPOB and MASSOB concerning several issues which have raised their concerns. Chief among them are, arbitrary arrests of unarmed protesters and indefinite detention without charge. Also is the serious casualties in the security forces killings  during unarmed protests, in various cities and towns in Biafra.

The strongest among them is the mass killings in Aba during a prayer session by IPOB members, and dumping of the bodies of the victims in a burrow pit along Port Harcourt Aba expressway. The video of this killing was the very video that the journalist from Al-Jezeera Martine Denis, during an interview with Buhari, asked the president to look at but he refused. Such unremorseful and indiferent attitude has been echoed in the media outside Nigeria

The visiting United States representatives with the human rights group saw these sites and were quite shocked and have asked the governor of Abia state to preserve those bodies for further investigations, and autopsy.

So, while these issues are surpressed in the media within Nigeria, they have not eluded the attention of the United States, and other International bodies like the European Union.

Now, there is a scheduled meeting between IPOB and MASSOB with United States congressmen, to further study and understand the issues at hand. The heavy handedness of the Buhari’s administration towards these unarmed groups have been of great concern to the United States, and they are now beginning to make some moves about it. So, it is alleged that these things came up in the meeting between President Mohammadu Buhari and President Obama.

IPOB and MASSOB have already named some Biafran elders as their representatives in the forth-coming meeting with US. congressmen.

So, it is of our knowledge that after this meeting the president may either turn a new leaf or see further meetings between some of these bodies or group from the United States and other members of the  international community, have increased attention towards their concerns in the events in Nigeria.

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