Buhari Funded Each Participant Of #IStandWithBuhari With Cash And Brand New Cars

This arouses some curiousity to see the president who parades himself as an anti-corruption czar pay some particpatants to come out to march for him. I feel so sorry for Nigerian youths who are pawns in the hands of these politicians.

There is a trend going on twitter and the hashtag is about people who are demonstrating their loyalties and supports to Buhari, APC led government. Despite the hardship and dwindling economy the country is facing, people are still creating such hashtag.

Revealing the truth behind the trend, Nigerians have come to realize that, the trend was sponsored by the President Buhari’s, APC led Government, and it was gathered that, each participant of the trend is given, N10,000, cash, and the Director General of the trend is the former Coordinator of the #BringBackGoodluckJonathan2015, Eng Chinedu Okpalanma.

According to twitter user, +Kayode Ogundamisi, #IStandWithBuhari coordinators were all branded with brand new cars, branded T-Shirts and customised bill boards.

He just twitted:


I just checked the website of they have branded cars, branded T-Shirts, customised bill boards, how do they get funded?

Now the big question is; How do they get funded?

It will be recalled that, President Buhari on his recent visit to Qatar,  he revealed that, he is not going to pay N5,000 stipend which he promises during his campaign, to the unemployed Youths. He said: I rather Invest in Agriculture than to give N5k to Nigerian unemployed youths.

Also, some Nigerians on twitter has been lashing out at him, following the revelation of who sponsored the twitter hashtag; #IStandWithBuhari.

I learnt conveners paid N10k to Nigerian youths to smile to the camera. hasn’t been paid o

We are all jobless that’s y after the lies of creating 500,00 jobs in 100dys. Ok jst pay us our 9mnths allowi of joblessne

Salaries are being owed, ppl are out of jobs, businesses are closing and you are trying to justify what?

culled from Abacityblog

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