If Yunusa’s Father Claimed That His Son Didn’t Cohabit With Ese But She Stayed At The Emir’s Palace, Who Got Her Pregnant?

By Ike A. Offor

One amusing alloment about narratives, and falsehoods is that they always bring unexpected outcome, in the process the truth will clear off the thick cloud of falshood and appear in a very unexpected manner to embarras the narrators.

The narratives behind Ese Oruru’s abduction from Bayelsa and how she ended up in Kano, and with who she stayed or lived with throughout the duration of her abduction, is mind boggling.


So many stories have emerged that are very contradictory to each other, and bizzare to common sense. It is not imperative to narrate all the details here now, but the scenario seemed bizzare to comprehend.

The father of the alleged abductor, Yunusa Danladi 18,  claimed that his son never lived with Ese, and therefore never intended to marry her because he is already engaged to another person, something that also arouses curiousity. So, if Yunusa didn’t intend to marry Ese, and has no interest in her, who lured and took her away from her family and brought her to Kano?

Another narrative has it that the girl stayed at the Emir Sanusi of Kano palace. This raises few more questions, why did she not stay with her alleged abductor but at Emir’s palace? What business was she doing at Emir’s palace and for who? If she was at Emir’s, why didn’t the Emir use his power to return her back to her family until the meida outrage forced him to act?

Now, some few more nagging questions need to be asked and they seek some firm answers too. Where did Ese Oruru stay throughout the period she was abducted , and alleged to be in Kano? Did she spend her time of abduction at Emir Sanusi’s palace, as it was alleged?

So, if it is true that she stayed at Emir’s palace, and not with the alleged abductor, who got her pregnant? It is then imperative to say here that the person who impregnated her was indeed the occupier of the Emir Sanusi’s palace. Another question would be who is that person, who lives at the Emir’s palace who got her pregnant?


Meanwhile, Mr Joshua Omorere, who heads the Child Welfare Fund, told The Repulican News Reporter that asking the girl to go through an abortion would be criminal.

‘’ In Nigeria, abortion is illegal and that has further complicated the case. The Kano Emirate has a case to answer because we were told by the father of the boy that they never stayed together. How then did she get pregnant?’’, he asked.

Omorere who is a member of the Delta State Working Group on Anti-Human Trafficking, called on the police to get to the root of the matter on who actually impregnated Ese, who he said was in the Emir of Kano’s palace for most of her stay in Kano.

‘’ They must tell us who impregnated this girl. We must get to the root of this since his father said his son did not impregnate Ese.

‘’I and my organisation are writing to the National Assembly. We will copy the president’s wife and other relevant bodies because this is becoming more complex everyday’’, he noted.


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