Emenike Quits Further International Feature With Super Eagles

Perhaps there is more going on in the National Football Team camp than meet the eyes. With the words coming ourt from the past immediate coach of our National Football Team, Mr Suncday Oliseh. Aand counter words from NFF, and the threats from the former coach to expose the national football governing body, NFF.

The question is what is going on behind their closed doors, and what is the future of our national football team. Any way you look at it, it portends danger for the future of class football in Nigeria.

I hope this is not going to degenerate into something sinister for our national team. I hope that Samson Siasia and Emmanuel Amunike’s team will resolve whatever the problem is and move our national team forward.

NFF’s spokeman said that they were taken unawares, and then turn around and reported Mr Sunday Oliseh to FIFA for breach of contract. Mr Oliseh categorically claiming that he and his players were owed months of arrers salary payments, which already breach of contract by NFF.

The payment issue is a non-issue when Nigeria or NFF is concerned. It is a long culture that is shameful to the name of the country, where politicians feed large , but they cannot hardly afford to players, or minimum wage to workers within the country.

Did Emenike see something that enocuraged him to quit international outing or football for Nigeria at this early stage of football career? The truth will sonme day soon come out.

Emenike 1                                                                     Emenike

Former Super Eagles striker, Emmanuel Emenike, has insisted that he is done with the national team and will not make a return under Samson Siasia.

The player, who is currently on loan at West Ham in England, retired from international football last year, while Sunday Oliseh was still the handler of the Eagles.

“I’m done with the Super Eagles, and I am making it clear again that I am not going back.

“It’s my decision and I am not going to reverse it, I am sorry if I have offended anybody regarding this but no Eagles return for me,” he said, according to SportingLife.

“Like I said, I didn’t quit because of anybody, it was a personal decision. Oliseh didn’t force me out of the Super Eagles as it was reported, I don’t need anybody to speak with me before I take a decision. It was my decision and I won’t reverse it.”

Emenike made his debut five years ago for Nigeria and was top scorer at the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations, which the Eagles won.


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