Biafra: The Horrendous Site of Mass Dumping Of Bodies Of Murdered Biarfans By Buhari’s Security Forces

See Video Below

The sight of this video will shock anyone who has empathy and conscience. Sometimes I ask myself why would any government whether democratic or military engage in a war with unarmed civilians, whose crime is to voice their human rights, and express their dissatisfaction or ask for self-determination?

What is wrong if they seek to be free from their present unequal treatment for almost five decades since the civil war ended? Does that warrant the merciless and brutal security forces of President Mohammadu Buhari’ regime to slaughter them like animals and dump them in filling or waste sites?

Does they wanting to be addressed as Biafrans, which is their identity before the forced union called Nigeria, grant the right to be killed in such manner and their bodies treated this way?  A country they still feel that is extremely corrupt, very undemocratic,  run by the oligarchs as if it is their father’s estate.

These and many other ills are the things Biafrans find unacceptable. They do not deserve to be killed like this by Nigerian government security forces as if they are in a sort of war with the government led by Mohammadu Buhari. So, why are they being slaughtered when they are unarmed and do not carry any weapons whatsoever?

These innocent Biafrans were murdered during a prayer session in Aba in Abia state, in South East of the coutnry by Nigerian security forces. They were declared missing since their family members had no clue of their whereabouts.  Their partially decomposed bodes were discovered in a dumping site along Port Harcourt Aba express way dumped by Nigerian security forces.

The Nigerian army denied the report of high number of casualties after this onslaught by the army and other security forces. They claimed that it was only ten people that were killed, as if the ten people were no humans with blood flowing in their veins, and loved by their beloved ones.

Now that the video of more casualties from the massacre by the Nigerian security forces is out, are the Army and other security forces still going to deny the  claim that they slaughtered innocent Biafrans , whose crime was they were praying?

What a sight to behold in a democratic country ruled by apparently a tyrant. Where is Nigeria heading to, and how could the human right groups, and civil society allow such actions to go on unabated? Where are our democratic institutions, where is the senate, where is anger among the people?

These actions raise nothing more but unending questions, and leave several open wounds. How could these people and their families still want to be part of a country called  Nigeria after these unwarranted treatments?

How could a seemingly democratic government give orders for such actions to be carried out by security forces?



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