An Igbo Inventor Weeps In Minister’s Office For Lack Of N15mn To Commercialize His Invention

Where are start up company investors in Nigeria? Where are our rich Nigerians who could invest in a buiness that could yield billions for them in years to come? 15 million is not a big money in a country like Nigeria where such amount are spent by one person in buying a luxury foreign car. Why can’t one person just spend such money as fund he wants to throw away and give this brother a test to show what he could do or to promote techonlogical development in Nigeria?

120116F-Ogbonnaya-Onu.jpg - 120116F-Ogbonnaya-Onu.jpg

Minister of Science and Technology, Mr. Ogbonnaya Onu

Dele Ogbodo in Abuja

An excalator builder, Mr. Fidelis Nwachuckwu, on Wednesday could not hold back his tears for his inability to raise about N15 million to fully bring to fruition a scientific product that will put Nigeria on the global map.

Making the disclosure before demonstrating how the excalator works before the Minister of Science and Technology, Mr. Ogbonnaya Onu, during a courtesy call in his office in Abuja, Nwachukwu said all that I have invented is through God’s gift.

He said: “Though I lack the requisite tertiary education, through the innate talent and gift that God has endowed me with, I can design cars, electrical doors, lift and excalators. With necessary assistance and encouragement from government, hundreds of Nigerian youths will be gainfully employed through these inventions.”

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