Tompolo Orders His Boys To Blow Up More Oil Pipeline

The dictatorship and highhandedness of Buhari’s government will create more problems for his administration than it expected. This toughness and destroy-everyone if you don’t get what you want, is anti-democratic and will ruin things for them. I just dey look!

Tompolo Africa Business World

According to Breaking News, Tompolo has ordered his followers to bomb more Oil Pipelines in the Niger Delta. According to news published by The Daily Post, “Informed sources from the Niger Delta claim that former militant commander, Government Ekpemupolo, better known as Tompolo has ordered his boys to blow up more pipelines and plunge the nation into oil crisis if soldiers who have invaded Gbaramutu Kingdom in search of him, and ransacking the whole creeks, are not withdrawn”.

The High Court had ordered for Tompolo’s arrest in January in connection with the N30 billion corruption charge against him. Several strategic oil pipelines were blown up including the AGIP pipelines. The Court had also ordered the seizure of Tompolo’s assets last week.

Tompolo had sent out a message according to The Daily Post which stated, “You can’t send soldiers to destroy a community, arrest young men and rape women in the name of searching for Tompolo. If they claim that everybody in the Ijaw land is a criminal, does it also mean that everybody in the north is a member of Boko Haram?” Tompolo asked.

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