Biafra: What Russian President Putin Told Biafrans

Of  course, no one does the job well for you except yourself. They could join you when you have started it well and need their help, but they will never begin your job for you. No one made it clearer than those tweets from the Russian President Vladmir Putin with regards to freedom of Biafrans and the release of Mr Nnamdi Kanu.

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The Russian President asked for the Release of Nnamdi Kanu recently but told Biafrans that is all he can do, suggesting to them that they should take the initiative for their freedom into their hands because Twitter nor Far Away Russia could not do it for them.  Read Putin’s Tweets in his own words below.

Free Nnamdi Kanu! (I am sorry, but that’s all I can do for my countless Biafran followers.)


What I’m trying to tell my faithful readers: don’t wait for Twitter or a far-away Russian President to free your people.

Nobody will ever understand the struggle of Biafrans. The struggle for their lives. For independence. With the way Twitter works.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    How can The Biafrans fight back, if Nigeria conducts an air raid against the Biafrans. That was how they won the last war.The Biafrans are not Militarily equipped.

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