Callous Ritual Murder And The Senseless Pursuit Of Money

Sometimes I wonder what goes on in the heads and the minds of people who commit murder due to their incredibly senseless appetite for money, they could not pursue through right means.

The picture of how these men or women operate and the idea behind these senseless but shockingly callous brutality is numbing. Why would someone kill his own family member for money ritual. Does this uncivilized means of money making work? Even if it works, why engage in it through human scarifice?

Yorubakiller                   Mr Samuel Omosaba with the head and body of his niece

A 42year old Yoruba man, Samuel Omosaba, who hails from Ikare-Akoko in Akoko North East Local Government of Ondo State killed his own family member.

He was arrested by the officers of the Nigeria Police Force for murder of his three year old niece.

In a picture released by the Nigeria Police Force, he was seen with the head of the three year old niece. It is even very painful to write this article, to be honest.

But we in The Republican News are of the opinion that this could be a very serious case of mental health.


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