The Epitome Of Corruption And Fleecing Of The Students At Federal Science And Techincal College Awka

By Ike A. Offor

The head of the Federal Science and Techincal College in Awka in Anambra state has taken corruption and fleecing or swindling of poor students to a new height.

The students are forced to pay fees into a bank account, which is not related to TSA acount, which the head opened under a name Social Services Association.

The Bnk Account is held with United Bank Of Africa, UBA, with acoount number 1019145735. Some good amount of money has been paid into this account by the 3000 student population of the school.


Federal Science and Technical College Akwa

Some of the amount collected from the students which came to our knowledge are, in first school term something well over N22,500.00, and N9,000.00 in the second school term.

Further enquiry carried out by the The Republican News reporter revealed that this account is not linked or related to any account connected to the school.

Some of the students interviewed by our reporters on Wednesday 10th of February, were very angry that they are being swindled through such undefined means. Some of them asked, “why should such corrupt means be used to fleece them.

So, the question now is, why is the head of the school collecting money from the students, which does not form part of any compulsory fees?

Our attempts to contact the school head or the management were futile.

The students hope to get their money back or whoever that is responsible to be brought to justice.

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