The Dangers Of E-rats and Dishonest Online Bloggers: EFCC Debunked The News Of Discovering $1m In a Sewerage in Amosu’s Residence

By Ike A. Offor
It is becoming wearisome and indeed worrisome to read on daily basis fake news that are made up by what we term politcal e-rats and unprofessional bloggers, whose intentions are to direct traffic to their blog websites for financial dividends.
In so doing, these unprofessional elements, who are in many occasions unqualified journalist or lack adequate knowledge of the impact of news, and misinformations on the wider society. The fact that they do these things for financial reasons, creates a new worrying secnario in our polity. The situation where individuals would log into their blog websites and manufacture news, that are completley baseless and untrue, should be indeed worrying to the society.
They are doing terrible harm to the integrity of news in our society and our political lives.  The effects of these sorts of fabricated news are raring their ugly heads on a daily basis. This will soon kill the interest of people in genuine news, and also damage the credibility of sincere bloggers, and news media houses.
The EFCC has debunked reports making the rounds that the anti-graft agency recovered $1m from Amosu’s Badagry home when it was searched.
A source disclosed that about $117,000 was recovered from the home of the ex-NAF boss.
The source added, “There have been reports that $1m was recovered from a soak away in Amosu’s Badagry home. This is not true.
“The actual amount recovered was about $117,000 and it was kept in a safe in the house and not in a soak away. The money is currently in our exhibit room. We also recovered N200, 000 in cash from the house.”
Explaining the modus operandi of the suspects, the EFCC detective explained that the suspects usually used their wives to carry out the shady deals.
He said before transferring money, the Air Force officers would use third parties to set up companies and bank accounts, to which their wives would be signatories.
It was learnt that the military officers would then make phantom transactions and transfer money into the bank accounts of the companies while their wives would take possession of the sums.
“Amosu’s wife, Omolara, was arrested when she came to see her husband in detention. She cooperated with us and we have also recovered money from the company. Adigun’s wife, Helen, also did the same.
“They have both been released,” the source stated.
About 11 Air Force officers are currently under investigation by the commission
The source said Adigun had been released by the EFCC but did not say whether the NAF chief was released on bail or if he had returned any money to the anti-graft agency.
However, the spokesman for the EFCC, Mr. Wilson Uwujaren, was unable to confirm the recoveries.
“The investigation into the arms scandal is still ongoing and I am not able to comment on specific recoveries,” he said.
Amosu and 10 senior officers are being probed by the EFCC as part of investigations into the $2.1bn arms scam, especially in relation to the 10 contracts of the NAF, said to be worth $930,500,690.00.
Last week, the immediate past Chief of Defence Staff, Air Chief Marshal Alex Badeh (retd.), was detained by the anti-graft agency.
Both Badeh and Amosu are answering questions on the non-specification of procurement costs, absence of contract agreements, award of contracts beyond authorised thresholds, transfer of public funds for unidentified purposes and general non-adherence to provisions of the Public Procurement Act
The fact that these APC e-rats claimed that the money was found in a soak-away made me think it was fake news. And I was right. Anyone with common sense or investigative sense of reasoning would see through such news.
The first question I asked my pondering mind was, how could EFCC figure out, if any, that there was money in a soak-away? The chances of such happening is infinitesimally very remote. Two, if such money was hidden there, who must have told EFCC that there is money there? Again, the chance of of getting someone to divulge such secret is absolutely non-existent. So, my mind of wisdom told me right away that it was a fake news from gullible APC e-rats, who are seeking for traffic to their money-mongering blogs.

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