Money Is The Ultimate Interest Of Every Politician In Nigeria Irrespective Of Their Fallacious Mantra

By Ike A.Offor

It is always intersting to be around polticians during political party campaigns , and pay close attention to their words and activities. It will bemuse you to know that they are not aboslutely interested in the the interest of the masses but theirs and that of their next of kins or proxies.

Time without number these events have repeated over and over again, but the people continue to be fooled with false poltical party campaign promises. I have paid close and very keen attention to these event, and have come to one conclusion, and that is that, these polticians are inhumane in character, dishonest in every way of its definitons.

They do not care about anything else than their pockets. I read the new Minister of Works, Housing and Power, Hon. Raji Fashola ask the people to accept the new electricity tarif. And I was dumbfounded by his plea to the people. How could people pay more for nothing? it just doesn’t make any sense. And these are the politicians that fallaciously promised people “CHANGE”. Perhaps this is the change they promised them.

“Their interest is simply how they make money for themselves, the budget is full of discrepancies and inflated figures. And they want Nigerians to pay more for the electricity they do not have, why?

“The truth is that the hoopla about the 2016 Appropriation Bill is a function of the CHANGE we preach. Throughout the 16years of PDP rule, budget figures were duplicated, repeated and inflated year in year out without fuss. The repudiation of the 2016 Appropriation Bill is the ricochet of CHANGE. And our Dear President has admitted that those responsible for the discrepancies shall be brought to book, that is CHANGE in action.

” I am not taken by the politics of missing budget or inflated budget. All I want is for the Executive to rework the details, and for the National Assembly to pass a credible budget into Law, such is the permissible minimum.

” I call on Mr President as the Father of the nation to live true to the promises of CHANGE. I admonish him to make monuments of deterrence and pillars of reference by punishing those responsible for the discrepancies in the budget. I also pray he instructs the Discos to revert to the old tariff until all homes get the pre-paid meter. SAY NO TO CORRUPTION.” wrote Prof.  Chris Nwaokobia jnr III on social media.

While I may agree with him on few things, I vehemently disagree with him on PDP having done so in the past. If it was so, the house would have found it out just like they did now. But that wasn’t the case with PDP then. So, his point is pointless.

The trouble with APC and its leadership is that they have strongly cultivated a culture of blame, irresponsibility, and never-say-sorry amongst the echelon  of leadership. So, it doesn’t matter what they say or do, their gullible supporters will fall for it. And so they never have the urge or temerity to say sorry. It is just amusing, and at the time amazing.

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