Has The Change Mantra Turned To One Chance?

By Ike A.Offor Editor

We all could recall the deafening echoes of different slogans prior to and during the election campaigns last year. The slogans went from ‘Change’, ‘Sai Baba’, New Nigeria, and some magical broom waving dreams of what Buhari would accomplish as a president. His popularity soared to high heavens, and he was presented with well garnished lies.

working-Buhari                                     President Mohammadu Buhari

The lies and the marketing ability of the present Minister of Information, Alhaji Lai Mohammad was so potent that it captured Nigerians so intensely that even the most educated among Nigerians fell for it. The same man who helped President Barrack Obama come to power rendered his potent advice too. The band wagon got louder and its deafening effect was immense. Many joined and they danced and sooner the vibration and echoes died down, and reality sets in.

Six months after assuming office, clues began to emerge about the true man behind the change mantra. The incompetence of the leadership began to pierce through the opaque illusions. Nigerians began to ask questions, and the only thing that the government could muster the courage to do was to embark on the fable but feeble  journey of anti-corruption war.

Anti-corruption is absolutely great, but the way it is being conducted through the media or the manner the accused were found guilty before the arrest not even before first appearance in court possessed serious questions. All that again, started to show through the leadership of  Mohammadu Buhari and his incompetent APC party leadership.

Now, another saga appeared to expose further the leadership of Buhari as not only incompetent but corrupt. That is the federal government appropriation bill or budget. The governor of Ekiti State, Gov. Ayo Fayose called it “National Embarrassment”, and I vehemently agree with him. Never has such embarrassment ever occurred in our country, that a budget would be so filled with so much corruption, stories and denials by the very ministers who made their budgets in the first place.

“Has the change they promised turned to one-chance? The appropriation bill/budget is full of discrepancies, so much inflation and duplication of figures, do they want to legitimize corruption? On electricity tariff, why allow increase in tariff as though the Discos and the Gencos have not been privatized, why can’t they meter all homes before increasing tariff? Why put the cart before the horse? Why aren’t they protecting the masses?

“Mr President must distance himself from the stinking discrepancies of the budget. He must order the withdrawal of the messy amalgam of incoherent figures called the 2016 Appropriation Bill. On the new electricity tariff regime, our Dear President must ask all DISCOS that cannot install meters before increasing tariff to divest their interest in the power sector or have their licence withdrawn. Defending the increase in tariff is like asking a customer to pay more for a service not yet rendered.”

“I’m amazed that they went ahead with the tariff increase when the Court asked all parties to stay action. Must the system devolve on the protection of the interest of the rich against the poor?”

“In the interest of all that is good and noble, government must rework the 2016 Appropriation Bill such that only serious projects and emoluments are provided for. On the Electricity tariff, love for nation must surpass private interests, so meter all homes before any tariff increase” wrote Prof. Chris Nwaokobia Jnr IV wrote in his Facebook post.

It is either President Mohammadu Buhari is a party to this plot to fleece our country and our citizens of their commonwealth or he is the architect of it all. Since he is dormant and saying absolutely nothing to exonerate himself from it, wisdom has it then that he is part of it. How could this very government speak of anti-corruption. Why is the president quiet over the budget saga?

One thought on “Has The Change Mantra Turned To One Chance?

  1. Tony says:

    I continue to say it, PMB promised change and he is giving it to us. At least, we have a new way of budgeting dat is enough departure from the Old system. Secondly, the new tariff regime is different from the old order. Now its PAY BEFORE SERVICE. By the time 4 years is over, we would have gotten enough change that will make us not gullible again. #SAI_BABA!

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