IF Buhari Has Been Using Foreign Doctors Since 1978, What Is The Need To Budget N3.9bn For Aso Rock Clinic?

I have no problem if the president of our country prefers to engage in health tourism. But it is my concern if the same president budgets a sizeable chunk of our national budget for Aso Rock Villa Clinic, which he never intends to use. So, the question is why budget so much money for the clinic that you will never use?

Again, it must be stated that all previous presidents have all engaged in these frivolous health tourism outside the shores of Nigeria. It was only President Goodluck Jonathan who shun this tradition among our presidents and heads of states. Goodluck Jonathan never received  or planned any medical trip to abroad while he was the president. He only got once sick while he was abroad, and so sort for attention there.


Buhari has indicted the Nigerian healthcare system when he confessed that he has been receiving medical care in the United Kingdom since 1978.

Several trusted news sources have reported that President Buhari is currently in the United Kingdom, once again, getting medical attention from his physicians.

Recently whilst addressing some Nigerians in the UK, President Buhari disclosed he has been using foreign doctors for over 38 years.

Whilst relaying some information relating to his courtroom experience concerning a failed presidential bid, the President said, “The court process during my first attempt at the Presidency lasted 30 months. I only missed four sittings.

“One, when we went to bury late Chuba Okadigbo, my vice presidential candidate.

“The other three times, I came here (London) to see my doctors who I have been using since 1978 when I was in Petroleum.”

One thought on “IF Buhari Has Been Using Foreign Doctors Since 1978, What Is The Need To Budget N3.9bn For Aso Rock Clinic?

  1. President Mohammadu Buhari has largely over promised and is under delivering,for there is a difference,wide at that,between what you would like to do(intentions) and what you are able to do(performance that is evidence based).Nigerians have been duped and they are stubbornly stuck to the notion that he is a miracle worker forgetting that he has already lost nine months out of a possible four year term.i wonder what magic they expect him to perform.Dissonance soon sets in, early for some,late for his die hard fanatical supporters who still will wait for the messiah like the Jews.

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