BVN: How Does The Government Intend To Capture All Nigerians In Diaspora?

By Ike A. Offor

Though the apex bank, the Central Bank Of Nigeria has extended the BVN registration for Nigerians in diaspora. Some very vital questions still remain on this very issue. How is the government through the CBN going to capture all Nigerians in diaspora because they are scattered all over the world. If they do not, what will happen to the bank accounts of these Nigerian citizens’ bank accounts and money deposited in to these accounts?

When The Republican News reporters did a tour in some of the Schengen countries, interviewing randomly Nigerians in these almost 22 countries in Europe, one thing stood out in their views. And that is why should there be a deadline for the BVN registration? Again, if there has to be deadline, why is it very short? They hoped that the government should address the deadline issue with the BVN registration.

The Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN , has extended the Bank Verification Number , BVN, registration exercise for Nigerian Banks’ Customers in the Diaspora to June 30, 2016.

According to a circular posted on the banks’ website, last week Thursday, the decision to extend the deadline which was initially January 31, was as result of low responses from the affected banks’ customers.

The apex bank said it discovered from a survey it conducted, that the low responses could be due to inadequate information and lack of accessibility to registration centres in some countries with large Nigerian populations. It therefore, decided to publish detailed addressed of the BVN registration centres in countries of their residence to make it easier for them to comply.

We hope, the central bank is not limiting its registration activities only to countries with large diaspora population. If so, what will happen to diasporas in countries that do not have sizeable population? These and many more questions need to be addressed.


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