The North Will Never Discover Oil In Chad Basin-Shehu Sani

Exploring for oil in the North has been used as avenue to embezzle colossal amount of money from our budget without accounting for it. Leaders from the period of Gen. Sani Abacha up to the President Mohammadu Buhari have been chasing the goose in the quest to find oil in the north

By Luka Binniyat

KADUNA – The north will never discover oil in the Chad basin of Nigeria even after it has wasted $3 billion, approximately (N900 billion) in oil exploration in the basin, said Senator Shehu Sani, Chairman, Senate Committee on foreign and domestic debts.

Sani, made the declaration, Monday, when members of Kaduna State Students Union paid him a courtesy visit in his Kaduna office.

This in variance with the position of the Chairman, of the Northern Nigeria Development Company, (NNDC) Alhaji Bashir Dalhatu, who had said last year NNDC would commence the exploration of oil and gas in the said basin and the upper Benue trough.

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Said Sani: “Oil exploration in the north has been carried out back to days far beyond that of former President Jonathan Goodluck. I am calling on President Mohamadu Buhari to order a probe into this questionable search for oil. Past leaders have amassed wealth through this venture, and I want the president to investigate this. “If we cannot find oil, we must get our money back because so far over $3 billion US Dollars had been wasted on oil exploration in the north, particularly in the Chad Basin and Benue trough.

“This oil exploration issue started from late General Sani Abacha regime, and many years after his death, no oil is found in the region. “I blame our northern leaders who in collaboration with their southern counterparts improvised the north through phony schemes like this.

The first timer Senator called on the students to use their youthful energy to question government in power in order to safeguard their future from injustice.

Earlier, the leader of the students union, Saadu Bako appealed to Senator Sani to assist the students both socially and economically to enable them remain focused and achieve better education at the end of their studies, even as he prayed to God to uplift the Senator to a higher political level.

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  1. awoniyi ayodele says:

    U are right sir,they are using this avenue to Chopin from national budget which against the public interest.

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