How To Earn A Degree From Harvard Online

The most famous university in the world is Harvard which has its campus in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. The thought of ever managing to study there is out of the reach of most people. The obstacles you would have to overcome in order to study at Harvard include being accepted, managing to pay the fees and of course having to live somewhere close enough to the campus in order to attend classes. However there is another option. You can study at Harvard without leaving your home!

The Harvard Extension School Undergraduate Degrees
For an undergraduate degree you can choose from 20 fields of study including 25 minors and a total of 600 courses offered by Harvard’s online undergraduate degree program. You will need to take a minimum of four courses on campus but apart from that the entire degree can be earned online. The Harvard Extension School offers special academic options like internship programs, research opportunities and study-abroad programs. You will have the flexibility of an online degree and be able to study all year round – in fall, January season, spring and summer. You can finish the degree in four years or spread it, doing fewer courses each semester. Each credit will cost you approximately $300 bringing the total for a complete four year online undergraduate degree from Harvard Extension School to $42,000.
Admission Requirements
To be accepted to the Harvard Extension School you simply have to prove yourself by starting with a degree course and demonstrating your academic ability earning at least a B in three courses. If you can do this you qualify to be admitted to Harvard Extension School. The three courses must include Expo 25 Academic Writing and Critical Reading as well as two courses of your choice. You may study the courses in any order you wish. Once you have been accepted the three courses count towards your degree. Many of the courses are taught be Harvard campus instructors.
The school offers the services of an enrollment coach who will talk to you about your learning goals, answer any questions you have and help you decide about your degree program. Once you have been admitted there are academic and career advisors who will take a look at your chosen courses and give you advice about the best way to go about achieving your learning goals.
In addition to the undergraduate programs you can study for your masters online through the Harvard Extension School. Fields of study include the arts, media, humanities, social sciences, management, science, technology, education and global studies. You can even study for prerequisite coursework for a premedical program through the Harvard Extension School. Choose the best online university and study for a Harvard degree even if you are living thousands of miles away.

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