EFCC: PDP Didn’t Fight Corruption, How Could EFCC Recover $2.0trilion in 12 yrs Under PDP?

By Ike A.Offor

Politics in Nigeria is a nightmarish affair that is filled with so much vile, and morally depraved culture. It is as one ex-president put it “a do or die affair”. That is exactly the most flawless definition of politics in Nigeria. it is so depraved of sanity that anything goes, even assassinations, bomb blasts used to scare oppositions into submission or employed to blackmail the opposition and the list of malevolent ploys employed to win elections are endless.efcc-nigeria-corruption-body

It has been a very hot debate for years coming from the opposition, which is now the ruling party that, PDP had not fought corruption throughout its tenure as a ruling party. It was surprising to see the figure released by EFCC with regards to all the loots or ill-gotten wealth recovered within 12 years, out of the 16yrs of PDP leadership.

“I hear so much on the war on corruption that I wonder if this is all about propaganda. Why is our country going to borrow money from the World Bank and the IMF when the Attorney General to the Federation Mr Abubakar Malami SAN just told us that within 12years the EFCC has recovered about $2trillion (over 400Trillion naira) from looters, if we have so much why are we borrowing?” written by Prof. Chris Nwokorobia jnr on a social media.

“I sincerely think that some of those in government do not yet realize that power has changed hands, they appear caught in post electioneering hysteria. How much really has Nigeria made since independence for $2trillion dollars to be recovered from looters in 12years. And if that is true why are we broke?” Prof. Chris Nwokorobia jnr

When you look at the figures from EFCC as it was announced by the incumbent Attorney General Of the Federation Mr Malami, you will be convinced that PDP did a good job. If going by his figure that in the last 12 years that EFCC has recovered $2trillion from looters and other criminals so, is it right for the opposition to deny the fact that PDP fought and delivered on its war against corruption without fanfare? Figures they say do not lie. PDP recovered $2trillion (N400 trillion) and for the fact that this was done without political propaganda is far better than the current noise about anti-corruption that is filled with deafening propaganda but no figures to show for it.

So, it suffice to say that PDP as a ruling party did quite a good job devoid of this current propaganda and delivered such a numbing figures back into our economy. So, let Buhari’s government tell our country, how much it has recovered, with facts and figures, and dates, since its deafening propaganda war on corruption began?

Now, the next question is where is the aforementioned colossal wealth, and why is the incumbent president going to IMF and African Development Bank to borrow $3.5bn?


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