TYRANNY: APC National Chairman Oyegun Calls For Probe Of Supreme Court

It is something to frown at when the National Chairman of a ruling party, whose party is in charge of government and whose duty it is to defend the institutions under its government, would turn around and cast aspersion on those very institutions. It is also worrying when the sitting government would publicly condemn judicial judgement, without regards to its ripple effects on the credibility of the system. They are openly telling the citizens to have utter disregard for our judicial system or any other systems in the country. This just cannot go on.

Must the government or the ruling party be so desperate to control every state in the country? What sort of democracy is APC aspiring for in Nigeria, a one party system or a multi-party system as it has been? It is very tyrannical for the ruling party to always condemn every decisions of the court that does not go in their favour. That is a blatant attack on the very system the government is voted in to defend, and maintain our democracy. This sort of comments from the national chairman of APC only happens with them. While PDP was in power, it never openly condemned court rulings.

John Oyegun

In the same vein, Buhari’s government has been so bent on trying to intimidate the judges in order to bend them to his whim and caprices. This is something you can only see or hear from a tyrant, who only intention is to turn everything to his favour. They are doing so with the government’s lopsided anti-war on corruption cases. The government wants everything to go in its way and every decision to be in their favour. if that is not tyranny, I wonder what it is. Buhari said yesterday that the judiciary is his headache on his lopsided crusade on corruption.

National Chairman of All Progressives Congress, APC, Chief John Oyegun, has called for the investigation of Supreme Court judges. Oyegun made the call against the backdrop of his party’s loss of Rivers State governorship seat to the opposition People’s Democratic Party, PDP. It will be recalled that the supreme court last week affirmed the election of the state governor, Nyesom Wike, and dismissed the prayers of the APC governorship candidate, Dakuku Peterside who prayed for cancellation of judgment of the state election petition tribunal.

But speaking in a meeting with a delegation of the party from the state, led by Peterside, Oyegun, who expressed shock over the ruling of the supreme court, said there was “something fundamentally wrong in the judiciary.” Chief John Odigie-Oyegun, the National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) On the demand of meeting with President Mohammadu Buhari which was canvassed by the delegation, Oyegun promised to schedule a meeting between the President and members of Rivers APC to address the state of the party in the state.

Oyegun said: “The APC National leadership has not neglected party leaders and supporters in Rivers State. The state has always been in the front burner of discussion and decision in the party. There is obviously something fundamentally wrong in Rivers State which needs to be investigated and addressed. “Your visit has had a sober effect on me. This meeting will kickstart urgent actions to address what went wrong. As of today, there is an attempt being made by INEC to bar us from elections in Anambra and other states. We must address these issues. I still find the judgement on the Rivers State governorship election totally astonishing. There is something fundamentally wrong in the judiciary.

“We have lost very important resource-rich states to the PDP. No matter how crude oil prices have fallen, it is still the most important revenue earner for the country. “I will take up your request to facilitate a meeting with the President. We will do that as soon as possible and also make it clear that there are problems which as a party, we must address.” Speaking earlier on behalf of the delegation, Peterside said since they lost the case, the feeling of the people in the state was that of orphan. He stated that the only consolation they had was the ministerial appointment given to their leader and former governor of the state, Chibuike Ameachi.

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