Nigerian Female Cadet Officers Took Turns To Torture A Youngman For Compliment

There are increased number of cases of Nigerian Military officers torturing innocent Nigerian civilians, on our streets, public parks and others,  now than ever before under a civilian government.  There are one case too many and it does not really give a good image of the Nigerian Military and their sense of professionalism. What does the Nigerian Military teach their Cadet or Officers about human rights or mere respect for civilians, who they are trained and paid to protect?army

A video showing a female soldier beating a civilian for allegedly complimenting her beauty is circulating on on social media. The location of the occurrence is unknown. One female cadet officer led the assault, and continued abusing the civilian for saying she was beautiful.
“Am I beautiful? How beautiful am I? Bastard!” she yelled as she repeatedly slapped the civilian. “Idiot! Describe me, am I not like Beyonce? He said I’m beautiful, am I Angelina Jolie.”
And when the civilian refrained from responding, she delivered heavier slaps to his face, saying: “This bastard is not responding. “Are you a bastard? You have emotions. See this idiot. Am I beautiful? What is beautiful about me?”
Other female officer took turns to beat and slap on the innocent young man, who squatted, supposedly as he was ordered to remain. The sight of this young man’s ordeal is very appalling. How they took turns to deliver hot slaps on his face and back of his head and neck, was just so infuriating.
When blood began oozing out of the victim’s mouth, he was ordered to remove his shirt and use it to wipe off his blood. “Clean that blood, idiot! Your blood is nothing, is that clear?” she screamed. “Bastard! He has blood to bring out.”
How does this reflect on the image of the Nigerian Military and their relationship with Nigerian civilians . I was told that women are better leaders and better officers. Behind the scene was perhaps the young man’s friend who was also laid on his back, in a very awkward position, The male cadets had canes in their hands, perhaps used to whip him.
Back in August, a group of soldiers were caught on camera brutalising a civilian at Mararaba in Abuja. The citizen, who the army claimed was a robber, was stripped naked and brutalised in the public on the busy Mararaba road. Beaten Civilian After the photo of the incident went viral, the Nigeria army promised to take disciplinary action against the soldiers.
However, two months after, the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), wrote a letter to the Nigerian army wondering why the soldiers who perpetrated the act had not been handed over to the commission for prosecution.
There are now more cases of our Military officers brutalizing our civilians on broad day light and in the preying eyes of the public. Some of these cases have been written about by The Republican News in the past.
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Source: SaharaTV

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