A 5yr Old Afghan Boy who Made Jersey From Plastic And Wrote Messi’s Name On It, Will Now Meet Lionel Messi

By Ike A. Offor

A 5 year old Afghan football fan with self made football jersey, who wrote Lionel Messi’s name on it, and hoped that it will be all over the world. He has now landed himself a jackpot as Messi’s fan because the Argentine’s footballer, Lionel Messi wants to meet him.

The French media house AFP spotted the young Afghan boy, Murtaza Ahmadi and his family in region of Jaghori in Afghan province of Ghazni. The Afghan Football Federation confirmed that every arrangement is  underway for the meeting with Lionel Messi.

The AFF spokesman Sayed Ali Kazemi said that “We are looking at the possibility of Messi coming over to Afghanistan or we will take Murtaza to Spain.

It is reported that the older brother of Murtaza, a 15yr old Homayoun made the jersey from plastic bag. Their father had apparently no money to buy him a real football jersey.  And with a blue mark pen, Homayoun wrote number 10 and the name of Messi on the blue and white stripped plastic bag. The stripped colour of the plastic bag matched with the Argentine’s National Team’s jersey.

On mid of January, his brother took a photo of him in the plastic jersey and uploaded it on Facebook. Since then, the photo has gone viral, and a search began. It is not the first time a young kid has been found in such manner.

What a sweet little boy. Now, he has the once in a life time opportunity to meet his idol. Good luck to him and the meeting with Lionel Messi.






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