Dasukigate: Two Witnesses Confess To Helping Olisa Metuh With $2m Transfer

The case against the embattled PDP chieftain had a very interesting turn today as two witnesses testified of handling $2m on behalf of him and his company Detra Invesment Company, in the high court in Abuja. If that was part of the money in the case him is still unsubstantiated. That still remains to be substantiated with hard facts. It is perhaps for him to prove before the court how such sum came into his custody, whether it was fund accrued from businesses or from the National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki.

Two witnesses brought before a Federal High Court in Abuja by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission have told the court how the spokesperson of the Peoples Democratic Party, Olisa Metuh, and his company, Dextra Investments Limited, transferred the sum of $2million allegedly collected from the office of the National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki.

metuhThe first prosecution witness, Nneka Ararume, a wealth manager dealing in management of equities, fixed income instruments and real estate, said she collected the sum of $2million dollars from Mr. Metuh sometime in December 2014.

She explained further that she went ahead to change the money to its naira equivalent through two bureau de change operators she engaged.

She said, “He gave me the sum of $2m in $100 bills. It was taken to bureau de change operators who would then transfer the money to ARM. From there , I proceeded to Mr. Sie Iyenome’s office at Wuse 2 where I gave him the sum of $1m.

“I also invited Mr. Kabir Mohammed and I also gave him the sum of $1m to transfer the naira equivalent in favour of Destra Investment Limited. Later on the same day, December 2, 2014, Mr. Kabir and Mr. Sie Iyenome confirmed the receipt.”

She said she changed the dollars into Nigerian currency and had it transferred to Mr. Metuh’s account.

The second witness, a bureau de change operator, said he had the sum of $1 million dollars exchanged to N183 million and transferred to the account of Dextra Investments Limited.

He however said he had no knowledge of either Mr. Metuh or his company, Dextra investment Limited, before that time.

Mr. Metuh is standing trial for allegedly collecting N400 million from Mr Dasuki’s office.

2 thoughts on “Dasukigate: Two Witnesses Confess To Helping Olisa Metuh With $2m Transfer

  1. Dr. Benneth Onoh says:

    Here we go, 400 million Naira was transfered to Metuhs Destra account with Diamond Bank originally from office of the NSA Sambo Dasuki, part of the alleged 2.1 Billion Dollars earmarkt(budgeted) for arms procurement . At least that was the accusation we knew through the media.
    Now sometime in Dezember 2014 supposedly 11 days after this tranfer into Metuhs Destra account the wintness came to Metuhs haus and was given 2 million dollars by Metuh to invest for him which she converted into Naira equivalent in the bureau de change and paid into Metuhs Destra account.
    Did Metuh withdrew the 400 million supposedly transfered to him originally from the NSA Sambo Dasuki from his Destra account with Diamond Bank in foreign currency, namely 2 million Dollars and Kept it in his haus waiting for the witness to collect and invest for him?.
    Again the same witness after collecting and converting the 2 million dollars paid the Naira equivalent into Metuhs Destra account again. Does converting the 2 million Dollars into Naira and paying it into Metuhs Destra account tantamount to investing it for him?
    May be there are some errors but in the moment it is still confusing.
    Lets keep watching

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