Fulani Herdsmen And Their History Of Killings and Impunity: Are They Untouchable?

It must be recalled that the menance posed by Fulani herdsmen has gone far back than this present administartion, and in most cases little has been done to quell random but consistent killings around the country by these herdsmen. These Fulani herdsmen have consistently left scores of cases of killings or dead bodies and anguish in most places they have forcefully invaded. They are acting with impunity and I have never heard of any case of any one of them being brought to justice. Are these Fulani herdsmen really above the law? If not so, why have several governments failed to bring these herdsmen to order?


Fulani herdsman armed with AK47

It was confirmed that the kidnapped Obi of Ubulu-Uku, Agbogidi Akaeze Ofulue of Aniocha South Local Government Area (LGA) of Delta State has been found dead in Umunede. This has been confirmed by the Delta State police Public Relations Officer, DSP Celestina Kalu. The deceased monarch was kidnapped few weeks ago between Igbodo and Obior when his Toyota Land Cruiser jeep was intercepted by suspected herdsmen as the driver slowed down to drive through a bad spot. The kidnappers, numbering over six, captured the king and his driver and led them into the bush, and later demanded N100 million as ransom for his release

Though these marauding herdsmen have been involved in all kinds of crimes in the past, they have never kidnapped for ransom. If at all they have now, then that is a new phase in their longlist of crimes against the citizens across the entire country. They have been involved in raping of local women and girls, and sometimes done these in the presence of their husbands, parents and family members. They have even in several cases taunted the town or local leaders to dare them. And preposterously no locals  or town have really revenged on them in whatsoever way. These inactions have perhaps strengthened their acts against the locals, in whichever state, town or village they have invaded.

The greatest issue with these murderous Fulani herdsmen is not their crimes against fellow citizens across the spectrum of the country. But the gross lack of interest from the successive governments, both state and federal, to bring these herdsmen to justice. There have never been outcry from several governments against the crimes from these herdsmen. I am beginning to think that they are now the new untouchable class in Nigeria. The more these are neglected by the government and securty forces, more sinister their crimes against other citizens get. Time has come to check their excesses or the locals will soon take law into their own hands.


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