Save Democracy Group Africa Visit Aso Villa

The members of the Save Democracy Group Africa paid a courtesy visit to the vice president Prof. Yemi Osinbanjo. Most members among this group who visited are personalities that are well known in the political scene. And who had played roles that helped shaped politics in Nigeria.

Their beliefs and ideas may have pitched them in the same political camp or in the opposition in the past. But the fact remains that this difference has affected positively or negatively the development of democracy in Nigeria, and indeed in Africa. They made the call to the vice president with the theme, “the elite must come in agreement and harmonize the views in moving the continent forward, this time very apt”.

The vice president in his response said “though the task of bringing people of divergent views and backgrounds is enormous, it is however easy to achieve with conviction and determination”.

The representatives of the Save Democracy Group Africa led by the former deputy senate president Ibrahim Mantu, and the chairman board of the group, said that members hold some views as the vice president on building a better nation, united and peaceful and democratic Africa guided by the principles of equity, fairness and the rule of law. This he explained led to the establishment of the group in Januray 2014 as a one-thousand registered-members of civil organisation, patent after the World Economic Forum.

The former senate deputy president Ibrahim Mantu in his remark to the members of the press said “when we have good governance, everybody benefits from it. There will be peace and stability, and these will give rise to progress and stability, and when there are all these, you and I will smile and live well. And will now say ‘yes’ life is worth living”.

Hon. Ghali Umar Na’aba, the chairman planning committee of the group summit said “our intention is pure. What we aim at with this summit is for us to be able to have an elite consensus in this country. And we must all subscribe to Nigeria and do whatever we can to hold the country together.


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