Ndigbo Condemns Mr Olisa Metuh’s Court Appearance In Handcuffs, NPS Explanation Further Stresses The Allegation

It was seen by many as something done to humiliate him before the public. Some have perceived it as a political ploy by APC to humiliate the image of the main opposition PDP. But Ndigbo have seen it as a hallmark of consistent disrespect for an Igbo person by this government.

But the question should be asked what was the legal or security need of him appearing in court with handcuffs, something never done with others in this case? Why was his appearance special compared to that of Col. Dasuki, the main accused person in this case, which was why the entire case has been nicknamed Dasukigate and several others, who were never handcuffed?


The explanation offered by the prison officers and the Nigerian Prison Service does not hold water at all. To me it further stressed the allegations against the presidency.

Responding to allegations that the NPS was doing the bidding of the Presidency, Enobore stressed that Metuh was not maltreated in any way, explaining that handcuffing an inmate was a standard procedure, which the prison warden could employ based on the situation at hand.

He said, “Handcuffing an inmate is at the discretion of the officer in-charge, depending on the security situation, the environment and intelligence report available to the officer. Sometimes they look at the atmosphere and take the necessary decision.

“If you suspect that the atmosphere, security-wise, may not be conducive to the inmates in your custody, you can use handcuffs; to avoid a situation where you have to start telling stories, you use your discretion to study the environment and take appropriate measures to ensure the safety of the inmates in your custody.

“Remember that we not only try to secure the inmate from escaping, we equally provide protection for the inmate. The officer in-charge must ensure that the life of the inmate is not jeopardised. It is the officer in-charge of the escort that studies the security environment and takes the decision to use handcuffs”.

These explanations from the NPS here are indeed preposterous and reinforces the allegation that the orders from the presidency must have made the NPS to handcuff him.


By Ike A. Offor (

4 thoughts on “Ndigbo Condemns Mr Olisa Metuh’s Court Appearance In Handcuffs, NPS Explanation Further Stresses The Allegation

  1. From a statist president,should one be surprised.I would have if he was given a red carpet treatment.I hear the emperor’s anger was kindled by Metuh’s audacity at questioning the maximum ruler’s godship of Nigeria.History can be harsh and it will be.

    • Exactly, it was apparently alleged that it was his strong voice of opposition that led to him being included in the case. Anyway, the court hearing will expose lots of things in this Dasukigate. Olu Falae got N100m but he is not being investigated or asked to return his own part of the money. Meanwhile, let’s wait and see what will unfold in the future.

  2. Dr. Benneth Onoh says:

    The big question here is still not answered. The Prosecutors and their Crusaders chaired by the so called legal icon Prof. Sagay have still not been able to disclose to the public under which budget 2.1 billion dollars was earmarked for arms purchase. Neither have they disclosed the list of military equipment for which this money was earmarked which were not purchased and when. If they have brought this to the court of competent jurisdiction, why have they not allowed the court to render judgment before they rushed such information to the public?
    If the allegations have to just be blindly accepted the way they, the prosecutors and the defendants, push it to the media not even awaiting any verdict from court of competent jurisdiction, insinuating public judgment, then one should directly go with the conclusion that anybody who collected money anytime from Dasuki has helped in diverting 2.1 billion Dollars meant for arms procurement.
    Now we come to the list of people who had collected money from Dasuki: If that is the crime here, I wonder why not all of them have been arrested or forced to return the money as is supposedly the case with Metuh and Jafari Isa. The names dished out to the public which definitely did not come from a court of competent Jurisdiction seemed almost unending. Even Buhari himself was alleged to have received 850 million Naira through the account of a relative. If these allegations as wanted from the Crusaders should just be taken the way they come without court verdict, then I have to ask the following questions.

    Has Buhari returned the 850 million Naira he collected from Dasuki?

    Has this relative of his been arrested for money laundry?

    The claim then was that the money was meant to be his entitlement. That raises another question and that is who receives his genuine entitlement through the account of a third party?

    If really this money should be an entitlement, is this amount contained in Buharis assets declaration and if not why?

    If Buhari had such an amount as his legitimate entitlement, why then the noise of borrowing money for the registration of his presidential candidacy?

    Now I do not want to conclude based on the allegations or ask anybody to do so, but I have to quickly point out the danger of Jungle Justice as then practiced in facist Germany. I hope the prosecutors here learn to take their case to court of competent jurisdiction, make their case there, allow the court to pass verdict and abide by the verdict or seek redress, before turning to the public to woo sentiments. Otherwise it could gravely backfire and the result of such recklessness will be total anarchy which one could have easily avoided.

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