Prophetic Predictions by Proph. Olagunju: He predicted the death of Olubadan of Ibadan

The prophet who accurately predicted the electoral victory of president Buhari, who also predicted about the imminent break up of Nigeria without war. He said that 70% of the job on the break up of Biafra has been completed. He predicted about the death of Olubadan of Ibadan and asked people to pray fervently for him. Olubadan of Ibadan just passed on this morning at the age of 101 but just one day short of his 102 birthday.

olubadan_hsxk                                           Olubadan of Ibadan

The prediction of the death of Olubadan of Ibadan was contained in the number five and number eight of the predictions he made on the eve of the new year for 2016. There in number five prediction he  said “Nigerians should pray for the Olubadan Of Ibadan”

In prediction number eight, he said that Nigerians should pray fervently to forestall the deaths of prominent emirs and Obas and some eminent Nigerians in 2016

He also predicted in number thirty three that the former president Olusegun Obasanjo has completed his divine assignment on planet earth.

In the prediction number twenty one he asked Nigerians to pray fervently for the former head of state Ibarahim Badamosi Babangida against stroke and death.

So, with the death of Olubadan of Ibadan this morning, the predictions of this prophet has caught my attention once again. May the soul of the Olubadan of Ibadan rest in peace. Adieu Baba!

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