Nigeria: Kaduna and Warri Oil Refineries Shut Down

The two oil refineries, in Kaduna and Warri have been shut down. This is because the pipelines which supplied oil to both refineries were among those that were bombed by Niger-delta militants over the past days.Oil2Refinery

This portends really a serious issue for the entire country, since this will affect the supply of petrol to the entire country. There is already scarcity of  petrol around the country, and shutting down two refineries will intensify the issue.

The minister of defense has ordered the Joint Task Force officers to fish out the perpetrators  and bring them to book. He also said that if any military officer is involved, that such officer or officers should have themselves to blame and must face the justice. The question is why would officers be involved in sabotaging the oil pipelines? I doubt if  I have answers to that question. Perhaps, it is the old aged disease in Nigeria known as corruption.

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