Breaking News: President Barrack Obama Signs Executive Order Lifting Sanctions Against Iran

The president of The United States of America, Barrack Obama has signed executive order lifting some of the sanctions on Iran, the White House has announced.

Iran has  completed the necessary steps in a deal to restrict its nuclear program, meaning the International economic sanctions are lifted, officials from the EU and UN nuclear watchdog agency said on Saturday.

“Relations between Iran and the IAEA now enter a new phase. It is an important day for the international community. I congratulate  all those who helped make it a reality” said director General Yukiyo Amano of IAEA.

The European Union Foreign affairs Chief Federica Mogherini said that the economic sanctions against Iran were lifted now that the country has joined the Untied States, UK, Germany, France, China, the EU and Russia in ” in the field peaceful users” of nuclear energy.

“I thank God for this blessing” the Iran president tweeted.

War and confrontations have been averted and peace is given a big chance.


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