Nigeria/Biafra: Biafra Wins Nigeria at U.S Court, and Will Now Sue For Damages

Let me state again here that, the way this administration is handling the issue of Biafra, is playing directly into the hands of the international community to help the Biafrans have their own country. The decibels of the message is echoing louder and louder in various international circle, but the administration in Nigeria is playing down on it.

Biafran vs Nigeria

The government out of zealousness brought a case against Biafra or Independent People Of Biafra in a U.S. court in New York. The case has now been thrown away, since Nigeria was unable to defend their case before the U.S. judge.  The Nigerian government brought this case against IPOB in one of president Buhari’s trips to U.S. in June 2015 to the United States.

In the court, the number of Biafrans and non-Biafrans who turned up in Biafran T-shirts to show their solidarity for the people of Biafra in the court in New York, was overwhelming. This  show of solidarity and  the sheer number of supporters made the Nigerian government sense that they have lost the battle. The Nigerian representatives abandoned their lawyers and left the court. This prompted the judge to throw away the case.

“Nigeria ran away away from the court, the case was then dismissed. We are deliberating on a counter suit against Nigeria. The number of supporters that turned out with their Biafran T-shirt was overwhelming”, said Dr Clifford.

Events like this will send messages to the international community that indeed this administration is suppressing the Biafrans, just like it has been brought up in the UK’s house of parliament recently. When these incidents repeat, the echoe re-vibrates amongst the leaders of the international community, the message becomes stronger. The case like this brings more light to the case of Biafrans against Nigeria.

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