Offices And Cabinet of Biafra Government To Be Announced Soon: Implementation Of National Conference Is the Crucial Key TO Survival of Nigeria

It is honest to say that some Nigerians will not like this but it appears that the determination of the Biafrans will make it impossible for them not to have their own country in the non-distant future. Events that will usher it in will depend on metamorphosis of several issues and how they are handled. The dictatorial government of president Mohammadu Buhari is unequivocally helping the cause of Biafra. Once it is seen that he is highhanded and trampling on the rights of the Biafrans, throwing them into jails without due process of the judiciary, the international community will heed to their call for their own country. The best way the president should have handled this issue would have been to let them have their field days expressing themselves or better still call for negotiation into the matter. The issue of national conference and the its implementation beckons on the issue about Baifra. If there is federalism in its truest sense, Biafrans may never ask for separate state or country. Nigeria, as it is kills dreams and slows the pace of progress in the entire country. A greater number of Nigerians want a federal government in its truest sense, which will catapult this country to industrialization and better life for the entire country. The current system of government is destroying the potentials of majority of the citizens, and can no longer hold. If the federal government remains stubborn and allow this lopsided system to flounder, it will definitely lead to break up. Then, and only then will the  selfish elites blame themselves. The clock is really ticking but many ears, especially those of the elites are disturbingly dead deaf to its sound.

The process of nomination, selection and compilation of the members of the cabinet of Biafra Government is ongoing now and will soon be announced. The composition of this Cabinet is drawn from a cream of politicians who are eminent Biafrans presently serving in the present Nigerian government and those who are not in the government. Their qualification for the various positions in the cabinet is based on their secret contributions in the Biafra restoration struggle. Soon there will be a secret and confidential meeting with a UN committee on the structuring of Newly Emerging  Africa states. The shortlisted cabinet members will be traveling for this secret meeting that will usher in the new Sovereign state of Biafra.

The advantage of this development is that the already serving politicians wont have to lose their political positions as a result of disengaging with the present Nigeria Government. People believed that the emergence of a new nation from an existing country must always be at the barrel of the gun, but times are changing and circumstances unfolding and evolving. The Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Prince Nnamdi Kanu made it clear that the the coming of Biafra is going to be the last miracle and we are witnessing the miracle as it unfolds.

So this is to inform Buhari that holding Nnamdi Kanu has not stopped Radio Biafra from Broadcasting, neither has it affected the process of Biafra restoration agenda. In fact if any thing, it has fast tracked the process. Arresting Nnamdi Kanu is the worst mistake made by Buhari. The blue print of Biafra Restoration program was written and delivered to Biafrans by our Leader Nnamdi Kanu and the Directorate of State of IPOB is following it step by step. Its note worthy to mention here that some of the aspects of the programs that would have been other wise difficult for IPOB to achieve have been solved by Buhari himself that today, even the House of Commons in the United Kingdom have moved a motion for the unconditional release of Nnamdi Kanu and the recognition of the state of Biafra. Now the die is cast. You can never stop the hands of the clock just as it is impossible to stop the RISING SUN.


Biafra Television is set to hit the air waves and just as the Director of Radio Biafra Nnamdi Kanu put it, is the nuclear weapon that will deal the expired zoological government of Nigeria her death blow….all with the weapon of the hidden truth. All the hidden atrocities of the Nigeria government will be exposed to the entire world to see, that from thense, every Nigerian diplomat or government official will be forced to deny his nationality. Nigeria would have been made a laughing stock and an object of disgust in the community of nations. Long live Biafra.

Written  By Ikechukwu Nwaorisa


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