Biafra Quest On Full Force As Asari Dokubo And Others Plan Ahead

The leader of the Niger-Delta volunteer force, Asari Dokubo, and Dr Fredrick Fasheun, the founder of the Oodua People’s Congress, are expected to be in Owerri, Imo state, for the prayer session ahead of the scheduled Biafra election. It is pretty clear that the efforts of this administration to stiffle the voice of the people of Biafra will lead to more voices screaming for total freedom. And stronger response from the people, who are increasingly growing in numbers for their call for their own country, where they feel that they will have justice, equity and above all unhindered opportunity to grow at their potentials. 


Ralph Uwazuruike, the leader of the Biafra group, Biafra Independent Movement (BIM) had earlier announced that elections in the projected independent Biafra state would be held on February 22.

Uwazuruike was the leader of the Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State Of Biafra before he was ousted accused of disloyalty. He went on to form BIM and plans have been made to conduct elections in the region. This has been followed by the appointment of Rev. Fr. Samuel Aniebonam as the chairman of the Biafra Independent National Electoral Commission.

The Sun reports that Uwazuruike announced that an inter-denominational prayer session would be held at the Ojukwu me­morial library on Tuesday, January 12.

He said religious clerics from the south south and south east region are expected to be in Owerri for the three day fasting and prayer session. He said it was organized to ask for God’s support for a successful election.

He announced that Apostle Gregory Ashieg­bu would anchor the theme of the prayer titled: “Give us Biafra”


Uwazuruike explained that the election would be different from Nigeria’s own and would be an open ballot system unlike Nigeria’s closed ballot system. He said that all elections into offices will have been completed by May 22.

Meanwhile, Uwazuruike claimed that some expelled members of MASSOB are collecting money from politicians.

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