Putting The Record Straight: $2.1b Arms Money Is The Biggest Propaganda Of 2015


By Chinedu Nwosu


I have been following the so called Dasukigate and I am amazed how easy it is for a government to use the media to deceive and distract the ignorant masses.
History has shown that propaganda remains the biggest tool of any government that intends to enslave a people.

Unfortnately, even the current opposition has been quite incompetent in putting the records straight

For the records, there is nothing like a $2.1B arms money. It was a propaganda masterstroke well concotted by the DSS and EFCC to distract everyone from the incompetence of the Buhari administration.

That is why former president Goodluck Jonathan has come out twice now to put the records staright that he never approved any $2.1B arms money. But it seems the ignorant masses still do not get it. So where did the “$2.1B arms money” headline originate from?

$2.1B was the monies that was allocated to the office of the NSA throughout Dasuki’s tenure as NSA. These monies come under SECURITY VOTE. It was not money allocated to the purchase of weapons as the DSS and the EFCC have claimed. That is why they cant take Dasuki to court. They will lose woefully.

Security vote is not money allocated for arms purchase. Of the whole monies that make up the $2.1B, only the $300 million from the returned Abacha loot was actually recommended for the purchase of arms.

That is why in court, the charges brought against Dasuki was in that range. But they are likely going to lose in court for that because weapons were actually purchased.

Whether they are worth $300 million is what the EFCC will have to prove in court. But from the way they have been refusing to follow the court process, one is safe to assume that they dont trust their own case against Dasuki.

But why did they go with the headlines of “$2.1 Billion arms purchase money” when they knew it was not the case? Because the whole anti coruption fight was only a propaganda stunt from the beginning. It was a well crafted stunt to distract the masses and persecute any dissenting voice so Buhari can fully consolidate power.

Does that mean I think many of the politicians mentioned in the scandal are clean? By no means! Nigerian politicians are corrupt without a doubt including the presidency and everyone in the rulling APC party. The president’s campaign itself was sponsored from corruption. The Amaechi corruption scandals are well documented with very strong evidence.

If Dasuki has stolen any funds, he should be prosecuted accordingly, but the media propaganda and charade has got to stop. Media trial is injustice in itself. I find it really deceitful when I see lines like “what will you tell the Nigerian soldiers that didnt have weapons to fight and were killed because Dasuki shared the arms money”.

That is nothing but propaganda and trying to appeal to sentiments to push a narrative. If that were the case, what has the same military been using to fight BH in the last 8 months since Buhari has not bought any new weapons?

What weapons did the army use to push back BH prior to the 2015 elections? Did they push BH back with their bare hands too? Even Lie Mohammed claims BH has been defeated. With which weapons did the army defeat BH? With their bare hands? It is important we put all these straight so we dont fall for cheap propoaganda by a government that has completely lost its way.

The same government that claims they are fighting corruption came out with a terrible corruption laden budget where they intended to connect cables from the President’s residence to the drivers residence with N300 million. In fact, the budget of yams was so laden with corruption that they had to shamelessly withdraw it.

The world has changed. If the current government thinks they will continue to rule with propaganda, they should think again because they will be exposed again and again.

Thank God for social media and the Internet!


2 thoughts on “Putting The Record Straight: $2.1b Arms Money Is The Biggest Propaganda Of 2015

  1. Dr. Benneth Onoh says:

    I have all the time wondered why a government that makes fighting corruption its priority, who has overwhelming evidence the way they claimed, backed with legal Icon like prof. Sagay as advisory chairman of its anticorruption crusade; prefer to go for media propaganda. Even Prof. Sagay himself using statements like, GEJ should go and confess his Sins to Buhari. I had wondered if Sagay had forgotten that confession of sins is a religious matter and has no legal stands. Infact based on all the noise that has been made I am seriously assume that if there is any clear evidence of misdeed, the present government just like most of us would be dearly pleased if the culprits were sentenced in a court of competent jurisdiction. So why have we not done just that by taking this overwhelming evidence to court , even televising the trials so everybody can see with us, and letting the court pass its verdict?. Honestly speaking I don’t see the reason for the propaganda, since there has never been any group left to be convinced in Nigeria and abroad that corruption is the Bain of our society and has to be fought. Are we trying to convince the same people that have been convinced already?

    Media Propaganda is not only an instrument of deceiving the people; it is also an instrument of inciting the people. If the likes of Oshiomhole could make reckless statements like, If Nigerians know what these people did; they will stone them to death, (jungle justice). Then there is nothing to laugh about any more. Does Oshiomhole realize that he is asking the People to take the Laws into their hands? Has he forgotten that the country has a legal system that Punishes culprits? Infact the echoes am hearing from some quarters like “enemy of the state” for contradictory voices is very similar to that of the Nazi propaganda in Germany in those days and has nothing anymore to do with fighting corruption.

    • Dr Benneth Onoh I would love to invite you to write columns from time to time for us here on The Republican News. I love reading your views here. Thank you so much.

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