Nigeria: Armed Forces And Veterans Rememberance Day Celebration Held in Abuja

Armed forces and veterans rememberance day, a yearly event was marked to  honour the veterans, the fallen heroes and the serving officers of the Nigerian Army. The theme of this year’s celebration is “motivating the Nigerian armed forces for effective service delivery” was as planned a success. The main objective is to celebrate the veterans and honour the fallen heroes.

The event, which is always slated to take place on specific day was without some serious complaints from some veterans. One veteran Major Yakubu Dauda, who was a prisoner of war (POW) during the Nigerian war against Biafra, said that he escaped the Biafran region and returned to the  Nigerian side. “I can barely  afford adequate feeding for my family”, Major Yakubu Dauda added. “I was in Mali and couldn’t  believe how their government takes adequate care of their army personnel and their veterans. The government feeds the entire veteran families and give free education to their offspring”, he said. He wished and urged the government to do more to honour their veterans and other service men in the same manner as in Mali.


Most of our people have no shelter or home, and there is no sufficient fund for them to cater for their basic needs, said Major Iyaji Ajah. The reasearches have  indicated that families of fallen heroes are wallowing in abject poverty. While the surviving veterans lack adequate medical care and delays in paying their entitlement to make ends meet.

Video clip from the news

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