Biafra Is More Ijaw, Ibibio, Oron, Ogoni Etc Than Igbo-Asari Dokubo

It is clear that the wartime propaganda of the Nigerian government and army during the civil war has finally worn out and its effects in trying to redraw the geography of Biafra in the effort to ostracize the Igbos has fallen apart. I have written some articles before  now with regards to that. Now, some of the prominent sons of Niger-delta are beginning to come out to speak up. Asari Dokubo, who does not need any introduction, has come out to stateclearly that Biafra is more Ijaw, Ibibio, Oron, Ogoni, than Igbo. One does not need more emphasis on this than what Asari Dokubo said here.



I just copied this comment by Asari Dokobo on facebook in response to a fellow denouncing Biafra but instead projecting Niger Delta Republic:




Don Robert Omojesu I did not apply to join that fraud you call Niger Delta chat group you people included me and gave you the majority opinion of our people….NIGER DELTA IS BIAFRA.
Isaac Adaka Boro the doyen of our struggle posits that the Niger Delta is situated in the Bight Of Biafra… “The Niger Delta we shall consider is strictly the area occupied by the Ijaws, the aboriginal tribe of the Delta. It spans the coast of the BIGHT OF BIAFRA , from the Forcados River to the Opobo River upstream to the Niger tributaries of the Nun and Forcados Rivers.” Twelve Days Revolution
The Willinks expanded the definition of the Niger Delta to include Ogonis

The government of the Nigerian state under Obasanjo made all Oil producing states NIGER DELTA UNDER THE NDDC ACT….This includes the Igbos bantustan states of Abia,Imo….Igbos of Rivers and Delta….Presently with the definition of Niger Delta as put forward by the fraudulent Nigerian state the Igbos are majority in the NIGER DELTA.


DON ROBERT OMOJESU…which Niger Delta are you talking about?
The Doyen of our struggle Isaac Adaka Boro stated unequivocally that NIGER DELTA IS BIAFRA….What a gadfly and upstart hiding in Nambia writing nonsense?…How are you going to exclude the Igbos of the’LEGAL’ Niger Delta?….are you capable committing pogrom against them so as to exclude them from the NIGER DELTA?….We know who you are working for….just stop deceiving yourself this time around it is not possible for you people to cause division amongst the people BIAFRA.


3 thoughts on “Biafra Is More Ijaw, Ibibio, Oron, Ogoni Etc Than Igbo-Asari Dokubo

  1. Chris says:

    Asari Dokubo you a are really the man the real son of the soil. I believe in you and others have to note that this northern ppoppies want to bring division between we the Biafrans

  2. Alexandre Sandro says:

    We All Are Brothers Both Igbos,ijaw,urhorbor,itsekiri,ibibio.So Lets Unite Together Actualize Our Aim By Restoring Our Beloved Fatherland

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