USA/Nigeria: Three Sons Of Nigeria Of Igbo Extraction Appointed as Deputy Mayor, Judge, Chief Prosecutor.

It can always be recalled that statistics in United States has it that Nigerians are the most educated immigrants in the entire country. It could also be recalled that when former president Bill Clinton was asked ” if he wasn’t a citizen of United States, which country would he want to be her citizen”, he answered without hesitation ‘Nigeria’. He said go to Silicon Valley, and you will understand why I want to be a Nigerian. He added, they also have the highest number of qualified medical doctors within the shores of United States of America. Everyday or year we always hear the great news of achievements by Nigerians in United States of America. A book published by a Yale University professor of Chinese extraction, mentioned Nigerians, Chinese, Iranians, Indians as one of the most achieving and educated migrants in United States. That also make some of us speak about the brain drain out of Nigeria or Africa in general.


Three Nigerians of Igbo extraction, were appointed into three eviable positions in one single day in the city of Newark in the State of New Jersey. On Wednesday, Jan§, 2016, Hon. Ras Baraka, mayor of the city of Newark, NJ appointed Hon. Ugochukwu Nwaokoro as deputy mayor; Mr Jude Obasi Nkama,Esq., as judge; and Mr Evans Anyanwu, Esq. as chief prosecutor of the city.


Jude O Nkama is the first African to be appointed as judge in the 349 year history of the city and State of New Jersey. Good luck to them all and  big hearty cheers for being great ambassadors of their root.NigeriaUSA


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