Nigeria/United Kingdom: The British Government Through Their Consular In Nigeria is Monitoring The Case With Nnamdi Kanu, Who Is Also A Naturalised British

It is tradition in the western world or precisely in United Kingdom and United States to protect and fight for their citizens anywhere they are in need of their assistance. So, for this single reason Mr Nnnamdi Kanu, the director of IPOB case will be a very interesting one indeed. While his works through the IPOB radio may be seen by a dictatorial government of Buhari as a treasonable offense, in UK it is mere expression of freedom of speech. So, this case is going to be a very interesting one. As the letter below which was a response to some contact to the Whitehall, the seat of government in UK could tell, they are watching it with keen interest.BritishgovNnamdiKanu

While United Kingdom will not interpret the law for Nigerian government, the case is clear cut case of freedom of speech, that is extrapolated by a dictator government to make it a treasonable charge. Unless a judge bought or highly pressurized by the Nigerian government will preside over the case, it will be thrown away as a case without merit. The case is exacerbated by dictatorial stands of the current president, if not, the case is nothing. The government of United Kingdom is watching it carefully and this may define the case of the Biafrans against the Nigerian government. This case if not well handled will expose the government of Nigeria as, dictatorial, heavy handed and violator of the rights of the indigenous people of Biafra.

Then, it will set off the momentum for the independence of Biafra. The government of Buhari is playing into the hands of the Biafrans and making their cause very easy to be heard, or looked into in the west by western super powers. This government should have handled this case just the same way the immediate past government did. Perhaps, it is fullfilment of the dream of the Biafrans through this current government. Sometimes things happen becuase they have been initiated in the spiritual realm that whoever that will help it to be fullfilled is always put in place to make it manifest. Let’s hope for the best and for peace and prosperity.


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