Prophetic Predictions By The Same Prophet Who Predicted Buhari’s Electoral Victory: Break Up Is Imminent In Nigeria Without War, Those Who Left PDP To APC Will Return Back.

I am always sceptical of these men of God of this era in our human development. Several have said things that never came to manifest of pass. But something woke my thoughts about this particular man of God after he accurately predicted the electoral victory of the current president. Many including myself called him fake prophet then, but his predictions came to past. So, should he be taken seriously again this time around? Some of the predictions are obvious that one does not need spiritual gift to know them. But some are worthy of thought and pondering.  Enjoy it!

Jonathan-and-obasanjo2Prophet Olagunju who accurately predicted PMB victory in the 2015 election also predicted that the power will remain with the North for the next 12 years.He also foresaw the break up of Nigeria, impeachment of Ekiti State Governor Ayodele Fayose among others.

See the 50-point prophecies below

1. It will take the greatest miracle of the century for the current Senate President Bukola Saraki to complete his term as Nigeria’s Senate President.

2. The time for Seyi Makinde to rule Oyo State as
governor is at hand as revealed to me by Almighty
God, but he needs fervent prayer.

3. In Ondo State, Governor Mimiko and the ruling
Peoples Democratic Party PDP should forget ruling
the state in the next governorship election.

4. Rapture is very near.

5. Nigerians should pray for Oba of Benin and the
Olubadan of Ibadan Land.

6. Break-up is imminent in Nigeria. Another generation is coming that will break Nigeria without any war.

7. There is going to be retrenchment in NTA and FRCN.

8. Nigerians should commence serious prayer now to forestall death of prominent emirs, obas and someeminent Nigerians in 2016. Nigerians should also

pray against fire and motor accidents.

9. The ruling APC should be careful so that the race for 2019 Presidential Election will not break it and take Nigeria back to square one.

10. Rasheed Ladoja should pray seriously againstterminal sickness.

11. During one of my prayers for the nation, I saw Buhari in thick darkness trying to bail out the country from disaster. God said, we should commence prayer now for the President that God should rise in his defense and rescue him from the antics of wicked and corrupt people.

12. God said we should commence serious prayer for Buhari that God should grant him good health and long life, so that he will be able to accomplish God’s

13. Almighty God warned that President Buhari should be careful not to allow favoritism, religious sentiment,nepotism and regional corruption to spoil his government and make him lose the love Nigerians demonstrated in voting for him.

14. Buhari should be careful so that what happened to Murtala Muhammed will not happen to him. He should rely more on God for his security and should
not joke with the physical.

15. For equating former President Jonathan with our
Lord Jesus Christ, God said Fayose’s days as
Ekiti State governor are numbered. God said He
has torn his government and has given it to whom
He wants and the government will henceforth be
moving from one crisis to another until he gets out
of office.

16. The controversial governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele
Fayose, will end up in failure if he fails to pray
now, for God revealed him to me in handcuff.

17. God said He will, beginning from 2016 begin to
vent His anger against those false prophets and
pastors using demonic powers to perform miracles because they are not sent by Him.

18. God says for legalizing the sin of fornication and
adultery, He will stir up serious adversity and
dreaded disease against the American nation very

19. God says the end of Boko Haram in the northern
part of Nigeria is at hand.

20. Failure of President Buhari to set up a balanced
national confab and restructure Nigeria will pave
way for another militant group that will terrorize
the nation.

21. Nigerians should commence prayer for IBB
against stroke and death.

22. Sunday Oliseh, as revealed to me by God, is not
the right coach for the Super Eagles.

23. The ruling APC should not laugh because some of those that decamped to it will soon go back to
their original home, PDP.

24. God said the only solution to Nigeria’s problem is
for the President to mobilize the entire nation for a
3-day repentance crusade to seek the face of God
for His favour in the fight against corruption.

25. Serious misunderstanding will arise between
Buhari and some APC leaders, for Buhari will
favour his Hausa tribe above others. Yoruba leaders should therefore pray against their marginalization.

26. Nigerians should pray fervently for the Vice
President and his wife and rebuke the spirit of
sickness in their lives. They should also pray
against misunderstanding between the President
and his Vice.

27. Opposition will be seriously noticed against
Buhari and his government before the 2019
Presidential Election.

28. There is going to be worldwide plane crash in

29. There is going to be merger of PDP and some
other mushroom parties before 2019 General

30. Concerning the 3SC of Oyo State, God Says
unless they pray and beg their former coach Niyi
Akande, they will remain in the problem facing

31. God says the poor masses in Nigeria will enjoy
his mercy.

32. There is going to be early rain in 2016.

33. Chief Olusegun Obasanjo has completed his
divine assignment on the planet earth.

34. A new generation of men of God is coming on
board to replace those who misrepresented God.

35. As revealed in my 2013 prophecy “The looting we
have witnessed in the past is nothing compared to
unabated massive looting which we will begin to
hear about. The God of Christians who is a unique
and supreme God said, the present exposure of
looters is not a surprise to Him and He purposely
kept President Buhari alive till this time to use him
to expose and deal with the perpetrators in
holistic manner.

36. God ask me to warn Buhari to be very careful with those looters who are very smart, clever and areadvancing not only scientifically, but also physically and spiritually. God said those looters will stop at nothing to cover their tracks which according to God include consultation with Alfas and Bishops to help them out.

37. God revealed that Nigerians should pray now for
former Interim President.

38. God said 2016 is a year of tsunami war against
corruption and the perpetrators for Buhari will shake Nigeria and reveal his true colour against

39. The God Almighty who revealed to me in my 2013 prophecy to warn the former Minister of
Petroleum, Diezani Alison-Madueke to pray
against cancer again revealed to me that she
should be prayed for against untimely death.

40. God promised unlimited blessing for every Godly
people in 2016.

41. Regardless of what is currently happening in
Nigeria, God revealed that Buhari will try his best
for the country and his government will perform.

42. God revealed to me that there is no agape love
within the All Progressives Congress.

43. God revealed that the Peoples Democratic Party
will bounce back in a big way before 2019 General
Election as those members who defected to the
APC will go back to their original home.

44. God revealed that there is going to be mass
retirement of top military and police officers.

45. As revealed to me by God of ancient prophets,
except by accident, presidency will remain with
the North for the next 12 years.

46. The National Chairman of the All Progressives
Congress Chief John Oyegun should pray and be
very careful for there is going to be serious gang
up against him for his removal.

47. God warns that Nigerians should not put their
hope on Buhari as he is not the messiah but only
being used by God as a saving grace to rescue the
country from the hand of looters. As revealed,
Buhari will try his best for the nation but, he is not
the messiah.

48. Serious crisis will soon break out in the All
Progressives Congress. The enemies within and
outside the party will soon commence their
scheming to get rid of Tinubu and Buhari whom
they have identified as pillars of the party. Once
this is achieved, that will be the end of the party.

49. As revealed to me now by God Almighty, Biafra
nation is real and those behind it have accomplished
70 per cent of their dream. God warns that Buhari
should be careful about their agitation because the
unity of Nigeria is imbalance.

50. God said the newly elected Governor of Kogi State will not enjoy that seat. This is because in the sight of God, James Faleke was cheated.

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  1. Eric Ukaere says:

    Without doubt u are a prophet of God all ur prophecy is real and will come to accomplish or less by God’s intervention because there’s many problems facing this our so called nigeria in judges tics lack of oneness love nd understanding religious tribalism hatred in high definition covering truth seeing right nd call it wrong may God deliver Nigeria if we’re still going to be together as one

  2. Dianahabasi Stephen says:

    Prophesies are not predictions and there is a different between prophesy and prediction. Prophesy is thus saith the Lord and can’t fail, prediction are human thought and it subject to change.

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