U.S.A/Nigeria: Gen. Yakubu Gowon’s Son Granted State Pardon by Barack Obama, Released From Prison, After 22 years in Jail


 Edith Ike Okongwu (of blessed memory) had a steamy affair with ex head of state General Yakubu Gowon and their affair resulted in the conception and birth of Musa…
Edith lived with Gowon during the war till his people allegedly kicked her out for flimsy reasons and took young Musa away from her.
She relocated to America but Many years later,she ‘kidnapped’ him on a visit to Nigeria and took him back to America. 

That move was probably wrong because young Musa became rebellious and didn’t approve of his mothers single and flamboyant lifestyle.To make matters worse,His dad Yakubu Gowon had allegedly cut him off for as long as he was with his mum.

Musa eventually became One of the highest ranking member/ business partner of a Colombian drug cartel.He lived a rich and flamboyant lifestyle until he was caught.

Gowon son2

During his trial, he was offered a deal to rat on the people he worked with but he refused and there was outrage,his people were angry with him for not betraying the people he worked with but young Musa argued that if he talked they would fish him out even in jail and snuff him out.
he kept sealed lips and in 1993 in his early twenties,he was sentenced to jail..with hard labour.
The funny thing is that Musa got into trouble,trying to get acceptance from his people and win his father’s love And when he was making money and spending it,he got the acceptance…albeit briefly….but was abandoned for slinging his family name in the mud.
Musa is now 47 years old and yesterday he was released on state pardon granted him by President Obama after spending 22years in jail.
whilst he was in jail,his mum passed on….
He is currently with Immigration and in the process of being deported back to the land he was born….Nigeria.

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