Nigeria: U.S. Organizes Global Boycott of Nigerian Crude Oil

 U.S. Organizes Global Boycott of Nigerian Crude 

Following Nigeria’s refusal to devalue its currency (the naira), in-line with IMF recommendations, crude oil traders worldwide have begun to shun Nigerian crude oil over the last several months. Nigeria remains one of the primary sources of “sweet crude” oil grades that is relatively pure crude oil with low levels of sulfuric content.

In order to refine heavy oil grades with higher levels of sulfur and other impurities, refineries throughout the world mix sweet crude with other grades of oil to produce its various classes of refined

products. Officials in the NNPC and other blocks in the petroleum industry in Nigeria are scratching their heads trying to figure out why so many of their former buyers have not picked-up their usual volume of purchase orders of Nigerian crude. Only India and purchasers and traders outside of Western influence have continued to increase their purchase orders given the demand glut. The development has caused Nigeria’s already dwindling revenues to decline even further dangerously flirting with insolvency.


Unbeknown to Nigerian officials, behind the inexplicable drop in sales is a top secret operation orchestrated by high-ranking officials within the US government itself. The IMF and the US Government are different heads of the same creature. The repeated and firm recommendations of the IMF for Nigeria to devalue its currency and weaken its economy is also the firm position of the United States. Because the CBN and Nigerian officials have vehemently refused, they have responded by organizing a clandestine global boycott of Nigerian oil to starve the nation of foreign exchange earnings and force a currency devaluation. The government has managed to save and increase foreign reserves despite low oil prices, through prudent management of the CBN has shown that it can limp along and ride out the slum in oil prices.

Many Nigerian policy-makers in the executive and legislature fail to realize the truth that the United States under the current administration is not a friend of Nigeria. In the height of war they refused to sell weapons and liaised with South African intelligence to circumvent weapons procurement through other means. Further even after the election of President Buhari, has continued their hostile policy to undermine Nigerian security and instead strengthen Nigeria’s immediate neighbours. Economically, the US through the IMF has recommended damaging policies of currency devaluation, and is now actively organizing a global boycott of Nigerian crude oil to further starve the CBN of foreign exchange. The question is, why has the United States adopted a overtly hostile stance toward Nigeria? The answer is very simple.
Nigerian policy makers are keen to the hostile rivalry between Nigeria and South Africa for influence and policy direction on the African continent. They can easily see that South Africa is an adversary. What they fail to realize is that in the rivalry between the two powerhouses of Africa, the United States has chosen sides, and South Africa is their favourite partner. Undermining Nigerian security and economic growth diminishes the nation’s growing influence in Africa, and aids South Africa’s declining presence. South Africa is the only African country on the G20 and for decades has been the only African country that matters to the world and to Western policy makers. They have a longstanding healthy relationship with South Africa that has made it easy for them to operate on the continent and expand their influence. The rise of Nigeria above South Africa is a terrifying development and one that the United States is willing to obstruct and undermine both economically, politically, and militarily. Instead of smiling and embracing the Judas kisses given by U.S. officials Nigerian policy makers need to adopt the same caution with the United States as they have already with South Africa because the two are working together to check and contain Nigeria’s rise in Africa.

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18 thoughts on “Nigeria: U.S. Organizes Global Boycott of Nigerian Crude Oil

  1. steve Nwogbo Nevenu says:


  2. memunat idulah says:

    God will put them to shame. The time has come for Nigerians , home and abroad to put all efforts to disgrace our enemies.patriotism is the watch word.God has a reason for what is happening , I see Nigeria coming out of this crisis a greater and united country.

    • kofi Mbadiwe says:

      Please please leave God out of this. In case of Nigeria, even if God decides to send his son, Jesus to manage things Nigerians will find a way to frustrate him. Heaven helps those who help themselves. How can, for instance, more than $2 billions is spent in order to cure the nemesis Boko Haram and a few leaders share it among themselves to the detriment of hundreds. Please give me a break

    • The moment you speak like this, we know that if there are more people like you in the current administration, then failure is going to come. You remember the slave trade? Those who thought like you, they ended up in the master’s plantations in foreign lands.

      Fact is, God does not come down to put people to shame for their misdeeds. YOU, IT IS OWN YOUR EFFORTS, WITH GOD’S HELP, THAT CAN PUT ENEMIES AND DETRACTORS TO SHAME.

      Time to stop feebling and grow in spiritual truths.

  3. Ani says:

    I This report is garbage. No specific sources are cited just opinions and speculations of some reporter trying to drive an agenda. Show me proof, then we can talk

      • KunleDaado! says:

        leave am, make e dey dere dey find citation. LOOL this is something these bastards have been at since we were supposedly allowed to govern ourselves.

    • The Trught says:

      What proof do you still need after US refused to help us fighting Boko Haram, not selling to us the ammunition, boycotting our crude oil and so on. If you want more proofs I think you have to ask US government itself. I think it is hight time we wake up to the reality, US does not like us right from onset, just that it is benefitting grossly from us before but now that we have started dealing with China their enmity begins to show. GOD BLESS NIGERIA

  4. Sammy says:

    The United States is no friend of any nation and will do anything to protect its national interest..ANYTHING..what more proof do you want..don’t be so formal..See the truth for what it is..

  5. Francis says:

    Which,country do you think will be genuine friend of Nigeria, with all the nonsense that is happening in the country,corruption in every part of the country, uncalculative policies of the government and all the nonsense that is happening in our legislative house.Can someone tell me the reason for banning people from depositing dollar into their domiciliary account,when Nigeria is not printing the much needed currency,there by giving people the opportunity to bribe our corrupt officials to take it out of the country,only to lift it now that the scarcity is hitting.

  6. Kwura says:

    Have nothing to say except the ultimate prayer: “God, please, quicken the fall of Nigeria, may their oil turn to useless pap, so that lazy Northern hawk, South-west feudal lords and their eastern counterparts masquerading as leaders would be rounded up in a public square. When that day comes, may the Omnipotent free the ‘ordinary’, the ‘common’ beginning from Biafra my constituency and escalating to allover that Hobbesian jungle. I pray thee, o’Lord! The Merciful! The Magnificent! If you do this, I and my People will continue to serve and glorify you. Buhari’s ineptitude is quickening the day and I have you, dear God to thank for that. Amen!”

  7. South Africa is a fellow African country. It is senseless and counterproductive for Nigeria or South Africa to compete with a fellow African country. Such rat race simply plays into the hands of the enemies and detractors, Stop that rat race. African countries should stop sabotaging fellow African ountries because they want to lead. African countries must advance with their visions and the leadership will come naturally.

  8. Mikeal Darlene says:

    Rubbish ! Nigerian currency is already devalued. What other devaluation is this writer talking about, Naira sells N300 + to a dollar.

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