Success In Life: Five Ways Unleashing Your Inner Child Will Help You Dominate in Life

Kids are well known for not giving up on anything they really want. They will keep bugging whoever that is withholding it from them until the person gives up. That single characteristics could be awaken within adults and used to immensely achieve a lot in their endeavours. To really succeed in life, you need to wake up the little child in you which never gives up on anything until they get it.

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Have you ever thought about the traits that make highly profitable entrepreneurs, top sales leaders and life hustlers so successful?

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We read countless articles and books searching for the answer and most of the time were told to develop a certain skill, learn a new behavior or implement a new habit to reach the same level of success.

However, what if I told you that every skill, attitude, habit, and experience youve ever needed to dominate in life youve already previously mastered as a toddler?

As a society, we spend a lot of time teaching children to act and function in a particular way, but how often do we take a step back and see what children can teach us?

Below are a few examples of traits that both highly successful individuals and children have in common and how you can unlearn what society has taught you as an adult to experience the same success.

Here are 5 things you can learn from your inner child:

1. Never take no for an answer

Probably the best lesson we can learn from our four-year-old self is to never take no for an answer. Plead, beg and argue until you finally get what it is you desire.

Go to any supermarket and youll witness this strategy used by almost every toddler. Stroll into the candy aisle and more than likely youll find a crying child with a stressed out parent arguing back and forth about a sugary snack that the child wants. In most cases, the screaming match will end once the parent gives in and hands the child their desired treat.

Although we find this experience unpleasant, you have to admire the childs persistence and tenacity.

If we adapt the same mindset and level of perseverance when asking for an opportunity, closing a deal or going after what it is you want your strike rate isguaranteed togo through the roof if you consciously refuse to take no for an answer.

2. Everything is up for negotiation

I remember negotiating bath time as a kid because I hated taking baths. Whilst watching my nightly cartoons at 5:30 pm sharp every night, I would hear the bath start running and I would anticipate my mother yelling across the hall, Carla, time for a bath! For at least the next 3 minutes, I and my patient mother would negotiate the terms of taking the bath. Can I come when this show finishes? No, now Carla. Can I just wait till the ads are on? No, NOW Carla!.

Kids are masters of the art of negotiating. Watch a child engaging in the bargaining process; they learn early on that everything has subjective value.

3. Bounce back quicker

Have you ever noticed that a child can switch from crying to laughing in two seconds flat?

They fall over, hurt themselves, then get back up and continue playing as if nothing happened. They ask for something, get told no, ask again, and if that doesnt work they move on and ask the next person.

Kids have a crazy level of resilience; when they hit a wall, they walk around it, climb over it or set up a catapult. Next time you get rejected or hit a road block, ask yourself what would my inner child do?

4. Meet five new people every day

One thing I admire about children is their ability to make friends with anyone, instantly.

I remember taking my little sister to a playground and within five minutes she had coordinated all seven of the other kids to play hide and seek with her. By the end of the day, she had the phone numbers of two of the other girls parents and had organized another play day with them for the next week. Talk about social networking!

Imagine as entrepreneurs, sales people and business leaders if we too networked like a 7-year old. Imagine all the new contacts, prospects and business relationships we could form, grow and utilize.

Maybe we should start unleashing our inner-kid self and make a conscious effort to introduce ourselves to five new people every day. Our friend base will grow, our network will grow and most importantly our businesses will grow!

5. The bigger the dream, the bigger the success

Remember dreaming of becoming a fireman, a surgeon, an astronaut, the president or a famous movie star? Well, what happened? Most likely, you were told to grow and get a real job.

Not to say that the above careers arent real or attainable. Its more to highlight the fact that when youre young, you believe anything is possible you can be anything, do anything, and achieve anything. However, as we grow up, we lose that magic and faith within ourselves.

We need strip back the limitations we and society place on ourselves and begin dreaming big dreams again!

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