Drunken parents forgot their baby in a cot by the street and went home

This may sound like a scene from a Nollywood movie, but unfortunately it is absolutely not. I remembered watching one Nollywood movie starring ‘Mama G’ Mrs Patience Ozokwo and Mr Chiwetalu Agu named “Omugwo Nwanyi Udi”. It was a hilarious movie in which Patience Ozokwo played the wife to Chiwetalu Agu. When they went for the grand child birth visit known as Omugwo in Igbo tradition, they went drinking in a nearby bar. But after a drunken session, they forgot their grandchild by the bar and happily went home. They staggered home and left the child there and had no idea what they did.  Fine, that was a Nollywood movie. But this actually happened in a small town in the Flamish region of Belgium.

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A baby from the West-Flamish region in a small place known as Izegem, spent a night in the hospital after being left on a pavement and forgotten by the parents. After a heavy night of drinking, they have left the baby on the pavement in front of their house and forgot to bring the baby into the house.
A motorcyclist noticed the baby in a cot on Wednesday evening along the  Baronstraat in Emelgem, and the family house door still open. He assumed the residents have just come home and about to bring their child into the house. But fifteen minutes later when he passed the area again, he still notice that the baby is still there. He stopped and walked towards the cot and noticed that there was a baby. The man shouted and called the residents but got no reaction
Then, he decided to bring the baby to Sint-JozefKliniek (St Joseph Clinic). The police was alerted. The police chief  Curd Meyrinck  from the police zone RIHO confirmed the incident, but could not give out any comment. “I can only say that the baby in good health” he said.
Dressing down

The police immediately went into action to contact the parents. The parents were under the influence of alcohol. Presumably the man and the partner came home and opened the door and forgot the baby on the pavement in front of their door. The baby spent the night in the hospital. After a  dressing down by the police, and the parents admitting their mistake over the incident, they took their baby home. What a happy ending.

Don’t drink and take your baby out!


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