Fuel Scarcity: Was it this long and bad with the past government?

One of the striking things that always happen with governments, is the fact that things or situations are usually compared with that of the immediate past government. In this case, I will be comparing the current fuel scarcity under President Mohammadu Buhari, and how it is quickly becoming a daily life of the common citizens, and how it was under the past government of Goodluck Jonathan. Under the past government, the fuel scarcity never lasted this long without being taken care of. The fuel scarcity under the current government is running into months and there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel. I remembered president Buhari, as a presidential candidate under APC  say these words about fuel scarcity Buhari

Has the same man now gone mute and become helpless about the same situation, though it wasn’t as bad as it is now? He tweeted this during the warming up for presidential election campaign, on 2nd of March 2015. Has this government gone so helpless under the sheer pressure of several problems facing the country? The sort of situation that make you question if this government and its political party was even ready or had a plan at all before taking over the leadership of this country.

It is very correct to say that fuel scarcity had occurred under successive governments in Nigeria. But it is also very correct to say that it was best managed under president Goodluck Jonathan. Judging from the fact that fuel queues in petrol or filling stations were almost not witnessed under his government. It was scarcely seen under his government that an average Nigerian almost forgot how it felt to have fuel scarcity. Nigerians almost forgot how hard fuel scarcity and long queues in petrol stations could be. When it occurred it only lasted for few days before it the situation is arrested and sorted out. In one occasion there were protracted  meetings between the government and Independent Petroleum Marketers. After long hours and days of negotiations the problem was solved. This was why under GEJ there was hardly long queues in our petrol stations, and scarcity was hardly experienced past few days.kano-protest

Kano State is apparently suffering the worst case of scarcity which could be termed a crisis at this point in time. It is reported that a liter of petrol sells for as high as N1000.  It is also reported that the residents of Kano under aegis of Kano patriotic forum have issued a warning and threatened to embark on protest. Though they are blaming the IPM for their woes, isn’t it better directed at the government for falling to find solution to this saga? The Chariman of the Kano patriotic forum Danjuma NaAllah accussed the Independt Petroleum Marketers of exploiting the situation and making unimaginable profit from it.


Let us analyze the situation from the perceptive of the forum. The Chairman at least admitted that there is a situation, which the marketers are exploiting. So, what is he then saying to the government for creating the situation which created fuel scarcity, which he claimed the IPM is exploiting? Shouldn’t  they direct such anger towards the government for creating the condition where fuel is hard to reach the buyers?

Our questions in such situation should be

  1. what created this situation in the first place?
  2. Is it due to non payment of fees or money owned to the IPM or other bodies involved in distribution of petrol and diesel?
  3. what steps has the Chairman of the NPC taken to arrest the situation?
  4. What is the president, who took it on himself to be minister of petroleum as well as the president,  doing to solve the problem?
  5. Why is the president even silent in the face of the scarcity, and still not addressing the country about the problem? These and  many other questions must be addressed for us to come to solutions to the problems. How far could it get before this government really begin to solve these problems. It is not all problems that need months or years to solve. How long would it take before the people get really angry and take to the streets to express their anger. The time is really ticking.

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