Who is poisoning our elite daughters? Prof. Dora Akunyili and Deziani Madueke

There is now some cautious need to be weary and  worried about the rate at which our two elite daughters and mothers fell ill when they are either about to finish or just finished their call for duty to their fatherland. Two cases of very close similarity are just enough to ask probing questions. We cannot wait until more fall victims of these suspicious deaths before those of us who are bold enough to ask questions could come forward.

Professor Dora Nkem Akunyili 

Prof. Dora Akunyili (OFR) was a very eminent professor of Pharmacy. She was educated in Nigeria (up to doctorate level) and in Britain.Dora passed the First School Leaving Certificate examination with Distinction at St. Patrick’s Primary School, Isuofia, Anambra State, in 1966, and the West African School Certificate (W.A.S.C.) examination with Grade I Distinction in 1973 from Queen of the Rosary Secondary School, Nsukka. These exceptional results earned her the Eastern Nigerian Government Post-Primary Scholarship and the Federal Government of Nigeria Undergraduate Scholarship. She got her First Degree in Pharmacy, B.Pharm (Hons), in 1978 and her Ph.D in 1985 from the University of Nigeria Nsukka (U.N.N). Prof. Akunyili is a Post Doctorate Fellow of University of London and a Fellow of the West African Post Graduate College of Pharmacists. To prepare her for Managerial positions, she attended the Senior Management Skills Course in RIPA, London, and the WHO/UNDP/World Bank-Sponsored Computer Education Programme in Enugu in 1998 and 1994 respectively. Prof. Akunyili has received many academic awards and recognitions.

She was a woman who revolutionized NAFDAC for good. Until her ascendance onto the office, millions of Nigerians have heard very little or absolutely nothing about control of drugs or alcohols and foods in Nigeria by NAFDAC. People produced anything and sold it as they wished. Chemist stores scattered all over the country, owned and ran by unprofessional or unqualified individuals. They were doctors, nurses and pharmacists all at the same time, though the vast number of them  knew nothing or could hardly identify a single active ingredients or compound contained in the drugs they sold over the counter. Many people were casualties of fakery or fake drugs and inconsumable alcohols. Water was sometimes packaged and sold as alcohol in our stores and on the street, or in buses and motor parks. She came in and took the entire country by awe. The fear of Prof. Dora Akunyili became the onset of wisdom for several Nigerians with regards to drugs and alcohol or anything product sold in Nigeria. Then, she made enemies from all walks of life. Her enemies could be categorize into two classes. One, those whose products she stopped from being sold illegally to innocent Nigerians. They were weary of her crusade to wipe out their source of livelihood. They threatened her and she returned fire with fire. She sometimes mobilized army, police and other arms of armed forces on her trips to visit markets and streets vendors. The threats from this set of  people or class was very impotent. This is because they could not reach her to touch her. They are  mere traders, vendors and street and motor park hawkers. The second class of people are the very dangerous ones, who though did not make open threat to her, were very potent and venomous enemies she had.Dora-Akunyili-stargist-620x350

This class of people were those who pervade the corridors of powers. These are high placed politicians on whose toes she must have stepped. This class has access to her, her foods and drinks, through those who served her during meetings like NEC (National Executive Council). They had excess to her and could harm her without a trace. How is that possible? I will later enumerate on this in this article.



Deziani Allsion-Madueke

(born 6 December 1960) is a Nigerian politician who served as the first female President of OPEC, elected at the 166th OPEC Ordinary meeting in Vienna on 27 November 2014. She was Nigeria’s minister of transportation on 26 July 2007. She was moved to Mines and Steel Development in 2008, and in April 2010 was appointed Minister of Petroleum Resources.

Diezani K. Agama was born in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. Her father was Chief Frederick Abiye Agama. She studied architecture in England and then at Howard University in the United States. She graduated from Howard with a Bachelor’s degree on 8 December 1992. She returned to Nigeria and joined Shell Petroleum Development Corporation that year. In 2002, she attended Cambridge University for her MBA. April 2006, Shell appointed her its first female Executive Director in Nigeria.

Since 1999 she has been married to Admiral Allison Madueke (retired), one-time Chief of Naval Staff who was at various times governor of Imo and Anambra State.[2] She has two sons, Chimezie Madueke and Ugonna Madueke.[5] In September 2011 Alison-Madueke was awarded an honorary Doctorate degree in Management Sciences by the Nigerian Defence Academy, Kaduna.[

 Petroleum Resources Minister, Diezani Alison-Madueke, on Wednesday, Thursday April 23rd, 2015 said she was being persecuted for stepping on big toes while ridding the petroleum sector of corruption.

She equally declared that she had not sought for assistance from anywhere to protect her name as reported in some dailies, because she has not been indicted for committing any crime.
The petroleum minister, who fielded questions from State House correspondents, said she had done her best for Nigeria and attained many firsts in the history of oil and gas especially in the reforms carried out by President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration.
“In this period of time, I have stepped on many big toes, particularly the feet of the cabals that were in the industry when we came in. Because I have said severally that we will open up the industry to all Nigerians and we have, but that is not to the pleasure of certain cabals.
“And I have been continuously maligned because of this and we have taken millions and in fact billions of Dollars out of the hands of fuming multinationals and their subcontractors and put them in the hands of Nigerians through Nigerian Content,” she said.

This was written by SaharaReporters:

“A few days after breaking the news that President Goodluck Jonathan’s wife, Patience Jonathan, was hospitalized in Germany, SaharaReporters has learnt that Diezani Alison-Madueke, Nigeria’s Minister for Petroleum Resources, is also receiving treatment in a London hospital for a serious medical condition.

One of our sources disclosed that Mrs. Madueke’s condition did not require immediate hospitalization, but described it as “potentially serious.” The source, who is a medical doctor, was only willing to divulge that the minister’s diagnosis is for a condition related to abnormal cell development in her body. The doctor declined to disclose if the diagnosis was a form of cancer, but said Mrs. Alison-Madueke’s condition “assumed a dire dimension recently.”

The medical source and another source close to the minister’s family told SaharaReporters that, prior to her recent hospitalization, Mrs. Alison-Madueke had made monthly medical trips to the UK. One source disclosed that she sometimes used private jets arranged by Kola Aluko, a business tycoon with whom she has business ties.”

Deziani maduekeDeziani in sickbed

Carcinogenic material: Liquified or very soluble solid radioactive materials that can cause cancer

Polonium-210: a deadly element

When former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko died from polonium-210 poisoning on 23 November in London, it triggered a murder investigation that developed like a John le Carré thriller. Here, Chemistry World  brings you a quick guide to this unusual element.  Is it possible that something as this was used on our two elite female minsters, who have steeped on some very powerful toes?

What is polonium?

It’s a silver-coloured metal found in uranium ores. That’s where it was first discovered, by Marie and Pierre Curie in 1897. There are only about 100 micrograms in every tonne of ore. Po-210 is one of 25 radioactive isotopes of polonium – it decays to lead by alpha particle emission, with a half life of 138 days. So the polonium used to kill Litvinenko must have been made relatively recently.

Substantial amounts of Po-210 generate much heat as the atoms decay – it was used in Russian lunar landers to keep the craft’s instruments warm at night. Some commercial devices that remove static use polonium, but it’s usually electroplated onto other metals, making it difficult to separate into a form that could be used for poisoning.

How would someone get hold of polonium-210?

With difficulty, unless they had access to a nuclear facility. Around 100 grams a year of Po-210 are manufactured worldwide in nuclear reactors, by bombarding bismuth-209 with neutrons.

Since alpha particles can be stopped by skin or paper, let alone a glass vial, it would be feasible to smuggle a tiny amount into the country.

It’s possible to buy tiny quantities of Po-210 over the internet – but as one of America’s principal suppliers, United Nuclear in New Mexico, state on their website, a poisoner would have to acquire about 15,000 of their ‘needle sources’ to accumulate a toxic amount.

How does polonium-210 kill?

The maximum safe body burden of Po-210 is only seven picograms. A microgram of Po-210, which is no larger than a speck of dust, would certainly deliver a fatal dose of radiation.

Polonium is only slowly excreted – it has a biological half life of around a month – and this ensures its alpha particles continue to wreak havoc once inside the body. One likely method of administration would be as a soluble salt (citrate or nitrate, for example) added to the victim’s food or drink.Once ingested, polonium is rapidly distributed around the body, leaving a trail of reactive radicals in its wake as it steals electrons from any molecule it encounters. Low-level DNA damage from radiation can cause genetic changes that affect cell replication, whereas more severe damage may force the cell to self destruct by apoptosis.

 Dora Akunyili developed cancer and grew very thin and very sick before she passed on. The speed at which her sickness progressed until her death is also very interesting for investigation.The sickness came while she was serving as the NAFDAC chief before becoming information minister. Like I said earlier she stepped on two classes of toes, the very dangerously potent ones, and the impotent ones.  The potent ones were politicians who could easily poison her foods, drinks in meetings where she must have been in attendance.  The same could be said about Deziani Allison-Madueke. She also recently admitted of stepping on some powerful toes in our national politics. She developed cancer too and is currently fighting for her life. In all these cases, I wonder if any research was carried to ascertain the agent that kicked off cancer in these two elite women in our national politics. Perhaps this could generate some national debate which could kick off some sort of investigation into the deaths of these our beloved daughters and mothers.

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