Mohammadu Buhari: world bank loans to rebuild northeast. by Dr Sam. Uche Okoro

We must attack. We must refuse and not allow Mohammadu Buhari to use billions of dollars in world bank loan to rebuild a North East that is still under boko haram. Also, there’s nothing to rebuild because over 95% of the areas in question are straw huts and mud huts of predominantly migrant Fulanis. So what are we rebuilding. Nigeria don’t rebuild after war. It never rebuilt the east after war, even though the east of nigeria is an infrastructural intensive area. The North East doesn’t need loan to rebuild as there’s noting to rebuild in nothingness.
Buhari should stop taking huge monetary decisions while acting as a sole administrator He should form a functional government. This sole administration style is the crime of the century. Nigerians should write on this issue and let it go viral and be debated heatedly. This is preposterous and is an avenue to siphon loan money into private pockets and nothing would be done at the end of it. Nigerians must stand up against this because it was never done in south east after the civil war.

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