Gov. Adam Oshiomole: A factory worker with no school leaving certificate by Dr Sam. Uche Okoro

Adam Oshiomole was a factory worker with no school leaving certificate. He’s been under life’s rough weather for most of his entire life, as his looks reveals. That was until unionism (agbero) helped him to steal some trade union funds and fight for APC ticket. Got Alhaji Ahmed Tinubu ‘s “thiefnubus” blessings and is now a Forbes listed man and governor with a model as his wife. Now he has the temerity to question a Harvard scholar and world bank MD and national prime minister and royal daughter of foremost professorial parents. Surely we are in a race to the bottom in this space called Nigeria. How did we get to this point? If Dr Ngozi Okonjo Iweala stole, let people who understand balance sheet tell us. A man at the IQ level of a gateman shouldn’t. If you think Oshiomole should question Okonjo, then you should equally allow a hospital attendant to carry out neurosurgery on you.
Now, the people of Edo state have petitioned EFCC, the Economic Fraud and Crime Commission to investigate his misuse of billions of Naira in state. I wonder if his knowledge of mathematics will still be handy to explain the whereabout of such colossal amount of money missing from his state coffers
By Dr Sam Uche Okoro

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