Some valid points: by Dr Sam Uche Okoro

Buhari must be fuming and be perplexed at how the contrapment called Nigeria is gone to the dogs. How has the mighty Fulani fallen, he must be gasping under his gwora stenched & 10th degree cancer infested breath. How can the Ibos & ijaws (aka the born to be ruled) demand for a superior breeds academic certificate? Look brethrens, I authoritatively tell you, in civilised climes, all past inec bosses who allowed the aboki to contest for the office of the president, & the idiot himself, will be in gaol by now. For emphasis sake, Buhari has a one point agenda, “to restore the country to its 1967-2011 state, where the Fulanis where living an assured life, with basic living conditions guaranteed & made certain, irrespective of the suffering & anxiety of others.

If una let am in, na una sabi. I and my nuclear family have options to survey o. Most people don’t. But I keep putting in this prayer, and no Buharist has dared reply with amen or Amin; “Since you so wish pa Buhari with no primary sch cert to rule over 170 million people, may the IQ levels and all round intelligence capacity of your family generations forever remain at par with Buhari’s, and never exceed him. Type in amen now!

The fact remains that the APC never provided us a real alternative, from which to evaluate GEJ. Since the opportunity is lost & door shut, may we say, GEJ carry go oooooo.

By Dr Sam Uche Okoro

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