Gen. Buhari is an in-law to Ali Modu Sheriff, the founder of boko haram: Does the general know more than he is telling or admitting?

The menace of boko haram and the carnage these Islamic terrorist group has unleashed on innocent civilian lives for more than four years can hardly be described by anyone. The death tolls from the murderous killings from this religious group have shocked millions within the shores of Nigeria and outside. Some people have lost hope, especially those living in these areas where these evil savages carry out almost a daily routine of bloodletting orgies.  A recently released video  by the group that is still circulating around all social media networks, can only leave one to awe of the level of blood thirst by this group. This could leave one to wonder, what are really the motive of these unending and wanton mass murders, kidnappings and rapes, and many more despicable crimes against humanity.

While these crimes are going on, the leaders are either busy portioning blames or completely indifferent about the mass murders. It is either the rank and files of the politicians know more than are admitting to the ordinary citizens. One man among others stood out in the crowd among the leaders of this country. And that man is Gen. Mohammadu  Buhari. At the onset of the wide spread massacre of innocent civilians he was largely silent, then lukewarm in his criticism and at some point totally against the government efforts to wipe these terrorists off the entire country. So, that brought the accusations that he may know something more about boko haram than he is admitting to the public. If not, why would a man of his caliber be so much against the efforts of the government to deal decisively with the Islamic terrorist group? Now, a new video has emerged that could raise more dust about his knowledge of the activities of this group. Does Gen. Buhari know more than he is admitting?

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